Is EVP waterproof from underneath?


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Is EVP waterproof from underneath?

I'm replacing an old builder grade super cheap laminate (~50 cents per sqft) that got water damaged in the basement. Our furnace and water-heater are there and one of the pipes backed up (this has since been fixed). The laminate line extended just a few inches into the closet that holds these appliances, so the water got under the planks and the rest is history.

I was thinking of replacing the floors with laminate again but came across this concept of waterproof laminate, or EVP/LVP. They all advertise waterproof, but everything I read is in relation to spills coming from the top. I'm not worried at all about spills on the surface, I'm obviously worried about what happens if my water-heater leaks or my AC drain pipes backs up again. Are those EVP planks just as waterproof in such case?
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If your LVP is 100% vinyl it is waterproof from all directions: top, bottom, edges. However, if it's a glue down LVP the adhesive used to glue it down is probably not waterproof. From my experience almost all adhesives, if exposed to water long enough, will fail. If your LVP is a click-lock floating style then water can get underneath the plank. In either case, if water gets underneath you need to lift the planks somehow and dry things out or there's a very good chance of mold or mildew growth from the trapped moisture.

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