Peel & Stick Vinly Plank - Need help


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Peel & Stick Vinly Plank - Need help


Well, I've made a mistake. I've learned that "stopping before the wall to do cuts later" is a bad, bad thing to do. Fortunately, it's only one small part of the larger job but I'm hoping I may be able to easily fix this (and my sanity).


My wife was laying planks today, and saving the end cuts for me. As this was our first time doing this, I figured..."Hey, that sounds good! Thanks for the help!". Well, cut to this evening and here we are. I've found that through slight variations in the tile and so forth, one little nanometer variance compounds itself as you go along the floor, and you find yourself with the last spot that isn't an even fit for the last tile. It'll fit initially, but 4" to 6" up, the width between the two adjoining planks narrows by, no joke, 1mm or so. So I can't lay the tile.

How can I salvage / solve for this? Should I pull the adjoining planks and do it all together so I don't have to try to make a 1mm to 1 picometer gradual cut across 3 feet of tile?

I'm lost here and welcome any feedback from those who are in the know.

I've attached a picture.
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Yep, you got way ahead of yourself by not finishing up each row.

I suspect you know the answer, need to remove tiles to get back to the first gaps and them move forward!
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Yeah, you are going to have to peel back enough tile to be able to get back to a stair step pattern. You may have to sacrifice a couple of tiles, or call the manufacturer to see if they recommend an adhesive so you can re-use the tiles you had to pull up.

Not to be hard on you as this is your first time, but for others, always read the installation instructions. Every floor I have ever put in shows how you progress from one row to the next. That being a stair step process. Usually one row locks into the previous row so there is no fitting in afterwords.

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