Large transition from laminate or vinyl to carpet


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Large transition from laminate or vinyl to carpet

I'm planning on doing either vinyl plank or laminate flooring in our kitchen, dining room, laundry room, and a small hallway, and a bathroom. all of these rooms connect and would have no transition between them (hopefully). Currently we have lenoleum in these areas. Adjacent to the dining room is a living room with carpet, there is currently no transition molding between the lenoleum and the carpet. The transition length is about 14 feet.

I've seen plenty of transitions where it is in a doorway so the transition molding is relatively short, is it ok to put a long 14' transition molding to separate the two rooms? I plan on laying the laminate or vinyl directly over the old lenoleum. By the way the floor underneath the carpet and lenoleum is concrete. I'd like to not cut back the carpet or remove it from any tack strips. I was planning on starting the plank flooring along the carpet line and moving backward from there, do i need to leave like a 1/2 inch gap for a molding? and can I just glue the track that the molding connects to directly to the old lenoleum floor?

I can do a quick drawing if it would be more helpful to understand.
edit: attached drawing. arrow is where i was thinking of starting and going vertical (north to south) instead of horizontal.
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typ the transition is a "t" molding that fits into a small channel that it screwed into the floor.

They usually come in 8' long pieces so your going to have a joint but that can be glued together!
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If this is going to be a floating floor, I wouldn't recommend installing it directly over linoleum. I'd imagine it will slide around. I also don't think glue will adhere very well. Could be wrong, but if it were me, I'd at least tear up the linoleum. Shouldn't be too much of a PITA.

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