Brown gooey sticky substance is leaking through floor

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Red face Brown gooey sticky substance is leaking through floor


So, I have an issue with the living room floor tiles. I think they are wood - I may be wrong - and for about two months I started to see brown sticky substances oozing out through the tile joinings. I have been simply wiping it down every time the substances seeped out, but there are multiple spots, about 20 different locations or so, and I am a bit tired of keeping to step on these brown substances. They do come out more when I apply pressure onto the floor tiles.

I was wondering if you could help me what I should do to solve the issue. Some have suggested that I place really heavy objects for about two weeks and apply some sort of glue-hardening material while other have suggested that it is a rotten wood type of situation, which I am not too familiar with.

I am trying to see if I can fix this without calling in someone. Also, please feel free to take a look at the attachment photos of those substances.

Please let me know!
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So first thought is some type of adhesive.

Wood flooring is not typ glued down but you need to confirm material, look at a vent or an edge to see.

What type of sub floor, concrete or is there a basement meaning a wood floor?

Is the floor new?

When you clean it up what is the material like, glue, oily, watery?
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Thank you for your timely reply!

I actually just looked up my condominium document and found somethings:
  • The build structure description is a one story podium with 5 story wood frame structure above. And since I live on the first floor, I am assuming that the subfloor is wood. (I may be wrong..)
  • The flooring is actually a vinyl plank (I just found out that my floor it's not wood!)
Also the floor should be relatively new since the building was finished in year 2017, and I moved in May of 2018.

I hope this helps, and once again thank you for replying back!
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So there is no basement below you ?
You could be on a concrete sub floor.

My guess is that you have water coming under the floor and weeping up in random places. I'm leaning towards this as this what happened to my sisters condo. This was in a six condo unit. Stairway in the middle up to four units and down to two units. She was partially below ground. There is a storage area and a tiny sprinkler room between the two basement units. The sprinkler system leaked and the water was coming up under my sisters floor in random locations. Quite a mystery to find originally.
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As PJmax noted, the same thing happened to me. I put down new vinyl plank in 2016. I'd say a month or so after that, the central AC unit drain stopped up & overflowed & got under the vinyl plank which was glued down. I had the same goop coming out of the joints.
I didnt know what to do at the time but I knew I needed to get the water out from under the flooring so I laid down some towels, then put some cinder blocks on the towels (because that's what I had handy) to squeeze/push the water out. I cant say if it was the right thing to do but the flooring people said it was.
I got the source of the water fixed & didn't have any more issues. I was concerned that the water would cause the vinyl not to stick but, I didnt have any problems.

This was in a single family home on a slab.

Hope this helps... good luck.
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I would say that PjMax is probably right. That milky brown color is the right color for flooring adhesive that is getting wet. I would contact whoever is in charge. Looks like there are major water issues. It will only get worse.

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