Plywood over linoleum and concrete


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Plywood over linoleum and concrete

We have a 430 sq. ft. living room. We want to have ceramic or porcelin tile installed on the floor. We've ripped up two layers of capeting and padding and are down to linoleum. The lino has been there for 40 years, probably has asbestos. We've scraped a small area of the lino down to the concrete floor and this appears to have some type of sealer on it (clear but definitely something that can't be scraped off). The room use to be a garage years ago. The linoleum is not sound enough to install tile direectly on top as the perimeter of tile near the walls is raised due to removal of the nails from the carpet board. The carpet which was directly on top of the lino stuck to it-we scraped the backing off the surface of the lino but 75% of the lino appears to have some carpet backing "melted" into the lino. Our question: Can we put in a plywood floor directly over the lino? If so does it have to be glued down as well as screwed threw the lino and concrete? We could do this ourselves-have the tools. I've read conflicting info regarding using plywood as a base for ceramic tile. Would rather use plywood rather than hard backer board if this will work. Any help would be appreciated.
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Not recomended, installing tile over plywood alone. Plywood will not be solid enough, you would be better of installing directly over the vinyl. If the vinyl is stuck to the floor in most areas, but the edge, I have a solution. scrape up vinyl from the edge until you reach the area that is solidly glued to the floor, then simpley install tile using the thinset to make up the difference in height from the bare cement to the vinyl. One way to make sure the vinyl is adhered to the floor in most areas is to use a toilet plunger. Simply go around the floor looking for areas where the plunger pulls the vinyl up when suction is obtained. If the vinyl does not pull up, then you can probably install over it safely. Be carefull when scraping the vinyl up with the asbestos concerns. Use an approved mask at the least. At the most I would recomend having the vinyl tested for asbestos. This is a $20/$30 test, simply cut a small piece, and place in a sandwich bag to avoid contamination by other materials. Look in the phonebook under asbestos, or asbestos abatemment for testing. This is law in most if not all states, and is for your safety, as well as others.

Another option after you have leveled the floor where the wall meets the vinyl may be to use slip sheet. I don't have enough knowledge to give details, but this may be an option.

Good luck Tom
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Installing tile over asbestos linoleum on concrete

Go to and ask this question. This problem has been addressed on John's forums.
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