fixing seam on granite countertop

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fixing seam on granite countertop

We have a dark green/black granite countertop which has been installed for almost 2 years. Where 2 pieces are seamed, the installers used an epoxy to seal the seam (it was dark green to match the granite). Over time, this epoxy has cracked (also, someone sat on the counter near the seam). Does anyone know where I can get the epoxy or if we can use something more flexible that won't stain the surrounding counter? (I believe silicone is a no-no). Thanks.
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Lightbulb Seam Repair

Hello my name is scott I live in Vancouver WA. There are a couple of ways to replace the seam in your granite counter top, Yhe best way is to take a razor blade and dig out the existing glue out of the seam, Then get some polyester glue and some color I buy from Sierra tools. xxxxxxxx It doesn't cost to much and is worth it plus youll have enough to keep that seam filled. Befor you mix the glue to hardner clean the seam with some acetone then take two strips of masking tape and tape off next to the seam, Have a popsicile stick ready and a putty knife, take some glue from the can and put it on some cardboard then mix the color you wan't, about a half dollar size of glue takes a little more then a erasure size portion of the hardner that comes with the glue, Mix the hardner to the glue with the stick real good now you have about 3 minutes to work with the glue, Take the putty knife and apply the glue to the seam with the tape there it will leave a raised portion of glue on the seam. Now after you have filled the seam real good take off the tape and make sure you ware gloves, Throw away the tape and if any glue is left take it outside it will start smoking and that you don't want to breath. Let the glue sit for about a hour then take a sharp razor blade and keeping the blade straight up and down dont use the edges scrape off the top of the glue untill yopu reach the granite on both sides if you have a smooth seam and you should have a properly filled seam. If the seam is not flat you can xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx grind flatten and repolish but that gets expensive. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Tom, I see you edited the above post, with xxxx's Did he specify a tool or product to help them with their dilemma? Are we not suppose to do that? Or is he rep for that tool?

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