ceramic tile intall

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ceramic tile intall

Is it possible to install ceramic tile over vinyl flooring? This vinyl is next to concrete slab. The only spot with a problem is where a chair has broken into the vinyl. Can we repair this spot with something and then tile over . We are in the deep south on a slab foundation. Thanks.
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possible yes , reccomended no!
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I'm no expert, but I have laid a lot of ceramic tile, and done so succesfully in a 330 SF kitchen a few years back by first screwing down backerboard on top of the existing flooring. And that would now be my first choice.
The Home Depot Tiling 1-2-3 book I'm looking at now says you CAN lay over existing linoleum, vinyl or vinyl-asbestos providing its (a) of a single layer, (b) not the cushioned-type of vinyl (c0 is not cracked abd (d) is firmly adhered. If you're not sure of the kind, get a piece from under the fridge and take it in to be ID'ed. You don't ever want to fool with asbestos tile because you're going to have to sand it, so if you're not sure and if it was laid before 1986 you better make sure. The asbestos can be deadly.
If all is OK you then remove the floor wx and sand with 40 grit, then remove the dust with a sponge.
I highly reccomend talking to someone at the store and or buying or borrowing a book. Good luck to you. I'm laying ceramic tile (over backerboard) myself tomorrow.

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