Tile layout

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Tile layout

I have a bathroom that is made up of five small rooms (girls' sink area, boys' sink area, guest sink area, toilet area, shower/bath area).

The shower/bath is the main room in the center and the other four rooms all are connected to it but none are connected to each other.

I laid out the tiles to be symmetrical in the main room but as I worked out from that center, I'm unhappy with how the layout ended up in the other rooms - the three sink areas. In one room, leading up to the doorway, there's a full 12x12 tile, followed by a 2x12 inch tile, followed by the 3x12 bull-nose tile in the doorway.

My main question: Should I remove the bull-nose and 2x12 tile to get a ~5x12 tile as the final piece in the doorway?

Related question: When using a bull-nose in the doorway, how far into the doorway do you go? I went halfway under the door edge which amounted to ~3/4 inch. Carpeting will run up to the tile edge.

It's too late to make radical changes now but I am wondering if I can improve the look somewhat.

I really appreciate the help!

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sounds like you did just fine on the layout.It's kind of a give and take ,if you change the layout in the area that seen the most then you change everything else and may end up with something worse in the main area.As long as you dont have any small pieces at the doors or where they will be readily seen or cause problems then go with what you have.The norm is to have the transition from tile to carpet under the doorway when the door is closed so you dont see the other when the door is closed.If the 5x 12 bullnose gives you a better finish at the doors then use that.Happy tiling
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Thanks for the answer. Just knowing that I didn't mess up helps a lot.

The tile is done as of tonight...grouting is complete. Overall it was a pretty fun project and the family thinks it looks great.

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