Marble backsplash planning questions

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Marble backsplash planning questions

I am getting ready to start my kitchen backsplash (31 sq. ft.) in a diagonal marble (crema marfil color) 6x6 with an occasional 2x2 black granite piece. I have the following questions since Marble is not like regular tile:
- Do I need a backboard on top of the painted drywall before I use mastic or what ever will glue the marble to the wall?
- Do I use Mastic or Mortar? What’s the difference? In other words, what do I need to adhere the tile to the drywall?
- What is thinset? Do I need it?
- Are 1/16 spacers fine or should I not use spacers for marble?
- What size trowel should I use?
- Should I use sanded grout? Do you recommend a special type of grout?
- HomeDepot has a wet saw for around $90. Would this saw be fine with Marble? The HD salesguy said it would work fine but I am not convinced. Do I need a different blade for marble?
- Should I invest in nippers or what ever is used to break small sections of marble?
- The HD sales guy told me to purchase 12x12 pieces and cut them into 6x6 pieces since it would cost me much less. I have table saw cutting experience and I consider myself handy, but would wet cuting the 12x12 pieces into 6x6 be a good idea?
- Any links with marble specific info?

The crema marfil color marble costs less than $5/sf and it’s .37 POL??? (in case you need to know the quality and type).

Thanks in advance and excuse the huge list of questions.

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I also saw you question on John Bridge's forum. You will get good answers there.
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Both Home Depot and Lowe's have similar wet saws. They are similar in price and looks, but don't be fooled. The Lowe's saw is CRAP! I actually bought it to do a small job and returned it because it took forever to cut through the marble - reason being the motor was on 1/3 HP. I then looked at the HD wetsaw. It had a 3/4 HP motor on it. I purchased it to do the entire bathroom in marble. I also purchased 12 x 12 tile, but for the shower floor, I cut them down to 3 x 3 without a problem. I was actually impressed with how well that $90 saw worked.

Personally, I prefer to use durobond thinset mortar as opposed to mastic.

I wouldn't use a sanded grout on polished marble. Get a non-sanded grout and use spacers that are no larger than 1/8".

I would use a 1/4 x 1/4 notched trowel to spread the thinset.

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