a few tiling questions


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a few tiling questions

I have built a room and am gettting ready to lay ceramic tile. A few questions:

1) I'm tiling a utility room that is 7 feet x 20 feet. I built this room in my garage by adding a 20 foot wall. Before hand there was a 5'x20' 4" slab step up, I had to pour a 2'x20' slab to extend the 4" step up before putting the wall in. Once it was done I noticed the additional 2' was not exactly level with the previous 5'x20' slab. The difference is about 1/4". Is it safe to lay tile with this much difference in the levelness of the floor? Can I add extra thinset to the 2' strip making sure the tile remains level with the pieces that will go over the level 5' strip?

2) There is a water heater in the room sitting on concrete. I want to tile under it. It is connected to the wall with various PVC type pipes and there does seem to be a little bit of give when I lift it slightly. Is there an easy way to get under the water heater without having to remove it completely? I thought of putting a 2x4 under neath it on one side while I tile the other side, wait a day and do the same to the other side. Does any of this seem feasible?

3) Part of building the new room involves putting in a new threshold in the new door. Shoud this be done before the tiling or after?

4) I took out all existing base boards and will replace with new. When putting the tile down how much room do I leave between the wall and tile?

Any help on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated.

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what you will need to do before setting any tile is to level that floor and get rid of that ridge.

You can do that a few different ways,take mortar and flatten it out that way,level the whole floor with self leveling engineered concret,or floor patch, but either way you'll ahve to address that ridge and uneveness first.

Then membrane,either roll on or rubber either will work.

I would not mess with that hot water heater for a majority of different reasons main one being you may knock something loose when trying to get under it and open a can of worms you don't want to mess with

put the theshold in first then the tile ,you can taper the back edge of the tile to ride over the threshold a little to close the gap then grout

leave about an 1/8 gap at the wall for movement
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