leaking terrazo shower base


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leaking terrazo shower base

I have a terrazo shower base which must be about 35 years old and, after having a shower for 15 minutes it leaks into the condo unit below me. It's going to cost about $1100 to replace the floor and install a fiberglass/ plastic one.

My question is can I find some sealer to go over the terrazo base or can I tile over it which would give me a waterproof base and also be a more cost effective solution?

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It may not be the shower base leaking. It could be the faucet washers leaking to the inside of the walls. Been there done that!
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Bill Syms
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Shower pan

Have you had a plumber out to tell you where the pan is leaking?

The Faucet?
This is usually a substancial leak and will start leaking as soon as the water is running. 15 mins sounds too long.

The Drain?
When the pan is dry, duct tape the drain hole and fill the pan up with water, up to the threshold. Let it sit, for 15 minutes then check the unit down stairs. If no leak is detected then the pan is ok. Now take the duct tape off and let the water drain. Check the unit for leaking.

Still no leak?

How about the border of the pan surround (tile, plastic, onyx, ect walls around your pan)?

This is usually the problem. It would take 15 minutes for water to seap through this opening to leak down stairs.

Let me know what you find out and I'll tell you how to fix it. Chances are you will not have to replace it, maybe worst case reglaze it.

Don't tile over this pan.
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Thanks for the reply. A plumber has come round to diagnose the problem. He ran the shower for 15 minutes and then blocked up the drain so that the water level was about 3 or 4 inches in the shower pan. It was then that water started to leak into the condo below me from the shower pan. There are no discernable cracks on the surface of the terrazzo pan. I don't really want to be spending $1100 on a replacement base (that is a quote from the plumber) so any other solutions would be appreciated.

Thank you

Jason C Jones
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do the test differant plug the drain before running any water.the TEST PLUG needs to be inserted down in the drain so as to test the connection of the drain to the base.Use a plug that has a air valve on the top like a bike pump.tHEN ADD THE WATER FROM A BUCKET SO THE SHOWER VALVE IS NOT TURNED ON.Mark the water line and let it sit there for a hour ,then check your mark to see if you lost water.(or call down stairs)If this is ok then chck the joint where the base meets the wall board.Do not use the shower valve until yourule out every thing else.
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Good advice, Eric.

There are so many things that could be wrong, so be sure the cause is clear before chopping anything up.

The fact the plumber didn't use Eric, Dan and Bill's method shows that he might be trying to sell you $1100 of product you might not need. Time to get another plumber?

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