more tile problems

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more tile problems

Back to my new tile shower... more problems...

Situation ... slab.. copper tray( mass code) in the copper tray is about an inch of leveller... tile is installed on the leveller with mastic. Shower floor is 8 ft.x 3.5 ft

There are low spots that cause a puddle.. In addition there are a few tiles that have a hollow sound when tapped.

Since the area is sl large pulling up ALL the tiles is to be avoided itf possible. Plus, I'm not sure you can put leveller over leveller, and I dont want to damage either the leveller or the pan continuing to screw with it.

I thought of pulling out only the loose tiles and pouring leveller in that spot as well as a thin layer of leveller over the rest of the tile to create a new "base" for another level of tile. Questions for this solution are 1) will leveller adhere to leveller? 2) will leveller adhere to Mastic? 3) will leveller adhere to tile?

Can you think of any other ways to raise the low points without removing all the tile and starting up?

would a phone call help?? (I got a toll free number)
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As long as the tile are not cracking or the grout either for that matter then the unit sounds like it is still structurally sound and may support a new floor on top.

What you would want to do is to acid wash this floor to remove any soap residue or oil that may keeep anything from sticking to it.Let it dry then take some thinset and fill the holes and skim the floor.Mapei makes a good thinset to go over tile with called kerabond you can get it at h.d. or lowes that will work good.Use that for filling the holes and skimming and setting the tile.

Now, this is not the reccomended way to do all this ya know.The way to do this to make sure that it will not fail is to pull it all out and start over.That being said use you're judgement and if you think something may not work then odds are it won't.Also keep in mind that the floor is only as good as what it is sitting on,so if there are loose tile or the entire floor is moving or cracking and loose tile or whatever then that adds to the poissiblity of failure so keep all that in mind ,and please let us know how you come out!
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THANKS for your continued assist

there are a couple of tiles that have sound hollow underneeth, one of which shows just a bit of movement... Can I pull up those two tiles and poor leveller (or something) over the mastic to fill in where those two tiles were?

Also the thinset you mentioned, can I use that to pitch the tile properly it'll take about 1/2 inch to do?
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If that shower floor is set with mastic, your going to be chasing your tail, unless you pull it all up and use Thinset mortar.

The bigger the tile the harder it is to make the slope needed, without cutting the tile up. That and the slip resistance is the reason for small mosaics for floors with drains.
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MA code follows ANSI specs and say you can't have a copper pan without a pre-slope. I've just finished removing two of them and replaced it with the Kerdi shower system in both. The square drain makes layout easier and you can use larger tiles than normal.

It's best to start from scratch here. If there are loose tiles, you'll have to get down to the part of the base where they're not loose. Who knows? You may have a bed that is not intact.

I agree with Perry - mastic is not good in any wet area. Take it all up or you'll be doing it again in a few months. Email me your number and we'll take it from there.

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Did you say mastic ........ in a SHOWER!! OMG Read the label!! Mastic is not intended for wet areas. Ok got that off my chest.

Floorman is right, you're the one on the scene, read, learn, then use your best judgement, but IMO if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right.

So as you may have figured out by now, from your description of this shower, I'd rip it out & replace it the way it's supposed to be done if my name was going on the work.
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Originally posted by awesomedell
I'd rip it out & replace it the way it's supposed to be done if my name was going on the work.
Well said!
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Kerdi Shower System

Is there a web sight where I can find some info on this Kerdi shower system? Looked in the Schulter sight but did not see any products for shower pans.

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not meeting codewithout a slope true!!what about the ditra meeting code?
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Did you see this page in your search?

Schluter Product Overview

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