Ceramic Tile Floor


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Ceramic Tile Floor

Here is my problem I built a home less than 4 years ago and had a ceramic tile floor installed in Kitchen and foyer within a few months I noticed some of the tiles cracking there also was grout cracking and falling out. I called the contractor and he called the installers back to fix my problem when they arrived they told me the floor was not nailed enough under the tile so they went ahead and nailed the floor down and put down some new tile. Well it's been about 18 months and once again I have the same problem in almost the same spots they fixed already. I called the installer back and told him what was going on he told me that he fixed the problem the first time and he's not sure what to do about the problem again so from that I guess he's not willing to come back and fix the problem again I'm kind of stuck because the 1 year warrenty is gone so not much I can do to the insaller so I'm on my own. If there is anyone who can please help me out with this problem I would be so greatful. I have enough tile to fix the tiles that are cracked but not enough to replace all the tiles and they do not make anymore like the ones I have. Thanks for the help.
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What is your joist spacing ,depth ,length. how many layer of ply wood ,wood thickness,is it OSB or EGP.Do you know what was used to set it in the first place? are the tiles hollow sounding? are cracks running in streight lines from tile to tile or just one here and there?Are they breaking in the middle ,edges ....ect ect.
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Her are some of the answers the floor joists are 16 on center they are 2"-10" studs I think they measure 9inches in depth the length is 13 feet long from foundation to center beam. Not really sure about the plywood didn't see it installed I would hope it was installed right. The cracks vary some are strait and others are not there is also hollow sounds when knocking on some of the tiles the ones that sound hollow have cracks. It seems where there is one cracked there are a few more in the same area. If you need more info just ask. Thank you
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ok..not tring to be difficult but ..
1.the thickness of the ply wood.(two layer of what thickness) and if it is OSB?
2.What was used to bond the tile? thin set(latex) mastic?
3. the tiles that have been replaced any idea what kind of coverage( %) of thin set stuck to the back.was it clean of thin set ?is the thin set stuck to the floor and not the tile?

hope that will do it but......hey!!! any one else can jump in here ..where are you guys??
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With a 13' span, you may have a tiny bit of flex in the flor joists - not enough to notice, but enough to cause the tile to loosen.

I fixed a similar problem once by installing blocking between the floor joists on approx 4' centers. It stiffened the floor enough to stop the flex.
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I'm not to sure about the material used installing the floor I was not present at the time The plywood is what I think is osb and there is two layers of plywood not sure of the thickness. I also have noticed when I walk on the carpeted floor in the room next to the problem area there is alot of creeping sounds. I wonder if the floor was installed wrong maybe not enough nails or adheasive. Not to sure what to do but I do thank you guys for all the help so far. I think I remember more thin set stuck to the plywood than the tile not 100% sure about that but I pretty sure thats what saw.
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