Cutting and setting marble tile question


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Cutting and setting marble tile question

I am cutting marble tile with a saw that is fed by sliding the stock across a table. At the trailing edge of the cut the tile tends to fracture which creates a broken corner. I was able to control this from occuring by applying masking tape to the trailing edge of the tile. Is this fracture common with marble because it is brittle? I think a portion of it is caused because the stock has to be fed perfectly straight and a little side load during the end of the cut will cause the fracture. Am I correct? I think I am going to buy a tile saw that is carriage fed to avoid this aggravation with my current saw. Could it be the blade or the rate I am feeding the tile into the blade?

Also I am tiling a desk and I have read the post about tiling over vinyl. Does the same rule hold true for formica in a desk application? If the grout cracks it doesn't matter to me because the joints will be very thin and unnoticeable. Also the finished desk will have peice of glass covering the tile as the finished desktop. Can I get away with this?
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could be a combination of all that you said or the speed and/or pressure at which the tile was being fed.
Could be the fact that the blade is rotating in a downward motion and that the only thing stopping the tile from chipping is the rest of the tile and once you get to that point there is nothing left to keep it from chipping so it chips.
More often than not though if you back off on the pressure when you start getting close to the end then you get a good cut.But you are right in assuming that the soft body of the marble plays an important part in that as well.Some marbles like creama marfil crack if you look at them the wrong way,thaTS WHY THEY STARTED PUTTING THAT MESH ON THE BACKS OF SOME OF THOSE SOFTER BODIED TILES.Sorry don't mean to yell.

As for the formica,well if it were me i would start over and tear off the the existing top and use 2 layers of 3/4 inch ply glued and screwed and then a 1/2 layer of durock,not only will you remove the worry of the tile not sticking but also the profilt will be much smaller on the edge cause you aren't trying to cover up the thickness of all thatold counter plus the tile and so on and so forth.So at the very least i would roughen up the formica so the thin set will have something to bite onto


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