Layout for kitchen floor-45 degrees

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Bob Beasley
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Layout for kitchen floor-45 degrees

What is the best method to layout 12" ceramic tiles in a kitchen when the tile is to be layed on 45 degrees to the walls?
1. Should you start in a square corner and scribe a 45 degree line to follow and then carry that pattern over the rest of the floor?
2. Should you find the center of the room and scribe a 45 degree line to follow over the rest of the floor?

We need some good experienced input before we start this project?

Bob & Pat Beasley
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Her's what i do,lay 2 tile point to point on the floor square with each other so you can get an accurate measurment from point to point and spce the tile the way they will be on the floor 3/16 ,1/4 now measure that and along the longest wall at either end measure that distance and put you're mark on the floor and snap that line,now the wall that is going to make the 90 degree angle to that line you want to put that same measurement at either end of that wall and snap that line.
Where these 2 lines intersect we need to make sure they are square so we need to measure back from that intersection 3 feet one of those lines then turn and with the tape at the same intersection measure back 4 feet on that line and put a mark( on the 3 foot line as well sorry)now hold the tape at the 3 foot mark on one side and hold the tape at the 4 foot side of the line and it should measure 5 feet exactly this is known as the 3,4,5 method of squareing a room,if it does not measure exactly 5 feet then we need to move a line to make it square,if it does then we need to make a box on the floor,using that same intersection and even one of those marks,say the 4 foot mark measure back on the 3 foot side 4 feet then come out into the room 4 feet from that mark and 4 feet from the other mark and make an x on the floor where these 2 marks intersect and from the original intersecting lines and that new x on the floor that is going to be you're diagonal.Did i loose ya yet?Alot to disect hugh?If i did loose ya let me know where and i will try to clarify for ya

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