new tile looks awful


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new tile looks awful

I had new ceramic tile installed in my kitchen. I thought it looked good. I waited 2 weeks and applied grout sealer. I applied it to the tile grout and whenever any got on the tile, I wiped it off. Now it looks like the tile has sealer on it and it won't come off. There were no directions on the sealer other than put it on the grout. what do i do?
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And they wonder why I charge so much to seal grout. Why didn't you have the tile professionals, seal your grout?
Not only is the sealer expensive($140 per gallon) my time is too!

Where you trying to save money, by sealing it yourself? At least you knew it was only suppose to be applied to the grout only! I have seen DIY'ers mop the entire glazed installation with it, then complain it is failing.

Educating yourself after the screw up, isn't good!

With that chewing out said, you may be in luck, only if you have a glazed tile. If you have a porus tile, your SOL.

First, call the sealer manufacturer and tell them what happened and what they suggest for removing it.

If you have a glazed tile, try a green 3M scotch-bright pad. Make sure it is the green one!!! They tell coarseness by color. Rub and scrub with it. Try some fingernail polish remover and the green scrubby.

If it is porus tile, the sealer soaks into the pores and you ain't getting it out. Tearing out the tile is the only real solution.
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Need to know what type of sealer you used and desdcribe the tile to us as well,maybe you want to seal the whole tile,if it's that porous.Please give us more info on this cause we can't give you a good answer with what you have provided thus far.Also is this a water based or chemical based sealer?
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new tile looks awful

the tile installer I had said I had to wait two weeks to put on the sealer and he wouldn't come back to do it because he said it was too small a job. The sealer was made in Canada so I don't think I can call the manufacturer. Actually, I tried putting the sealer on some left over tile I had (it's glazed ceramic tile by the way) to see what I can do to remove it and I discovered that what is on my wall tile in the kitchen is not the sealer. What is on my wall is not noticeable unless you're looking sideways at the tile. I didn't notice it till I was cleaning up after putting on the sealer. I think it's grout. I tried calling the installer but it's been ages and he hasn't called me back so I think I'm on my own. What can I do to remove what I think is grout.
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The sealer was made in Canada so I don't think I can call the manufacturer.
In some areas of Canada, they now have phone service.
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John Nelson is right. You will find that a lot of the major centers in Canada do have phone service, even cellular believe it or not.
In our rural area we still have to crank the phone to get the operator.
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You guys kill me! We've got carrier pigeons! It sounds like you have grout haze left on the tile. Have you tried giving it a light scrub with a White Nylon scrub pad and a 50:50 mixture of vinegar and water? If that doesn't work, you can go to Home Depot and buy Sulfamic Acid Crystals in the tile department. It comes in a small jar. You mix the crystals in will only disolve to a certain strength, so you can't make it too strong. Give it a wash and scrubing with the nylon pad. This should do the trick for you. DON"T FORGET TO READ THE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.
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new tile looks awful

Excuse me. I know I CAN call Canda but what I should have said is I don't WANT to call Canada --go through the hassle of finding the phone number etc. -- for something I don't think I need in the first place. Thanks for those who had something helpful to say.
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Could be grout your seeing, or it could be setting mortar that wasn't cleaned up before grouting.
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