Ceramic tile over ceramic tile....?


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Ceramic tile over ceramic tile....?

I think i already know the answer will be a big "NO" but can it be done? The home depot book said it can be done, just have to be aware of doors still being able to open, etc.

Any thoughts or not even worth trying to save time / money with it?
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If was my floor I would tear it all up and start over. This way you eliminate alot of variables that could end up biting you later. Such as, is the existing tile shiny or not, how smooth is the existing floor, are there any loose tiles and so on. Having said that, is it possible? Yes, it is.

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make sure the tile is bonded well that you are going to tile over and clean of any waxes or oils that will keep the thin set from bonding to the tile.You will need to use a thinset that is rated for tile over tile,mapei keralastic comes to mind.Also you don't want any cracks in the floor that you are going over cause the cracks are a sign of problems and you don't want to cover that up,it will come back to haunt you.

Keep in mind this is not the ideal way to do this and you are rolling the dice with this type of installation and if it fails you will have twice the mess to clean up,cause now you have 2 floors to tear out,not to mention the doors that will have to be replaced cause cut them to accomodate the new floor and now will be too short.

So as you can see it is a gamble to do this,so be prepared to pay the price if it fails , i would reccomend that you start over and tear it all out so you remove one more future problem from the equation
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I have the same question

I want to put tile over tile. I did it in my old house about 8 years ago and it worked out great. It was in the kitchen with no doors to worry about.
Our recent house has tile in the kitchen and no craks and is very solid. There are no doors and I would just need to put a couple of thresholds( not sure if this is the correct word) to make floors meet.
However, this old tile is very shiny. Do you think that thinset will stick to this?
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