Tile saw


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Tile saw

Anybody use the Workforce 7" Tile saw at HD for $88. It seems like it will do the basics. Where I live it caost between 40 and 50 a day to rent one and I figure my current project will take 2 days and my wife has some other projects she would like done. Any opinions or experiences would be great.
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If you like tiling at all, and you plan on doing it off and on save your money and buy a quality one. I wouldn't buy a cheap one. The blades are the most expensive part, so you might as well get a good saw. Things like that have a way of paying for themselves if you use them often enough.
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....that saw does work pretty good for 88 bucks, it has lots of power and comes with the blade. It's not great at cutting really straight, but it does the trick if you only plan to use it for a few jobs here and there.
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Talking Wf Cutter

Keep the blade wet and it has worked very good for me. Funny thing about wet tile saws is the prices ranges. From what I saw its cheap or expensive nothing in between when looking for a tile saw. I got a scribe tile cutter also to help with my tileing jobs found it at Harbor Freight on sale for around $15 it has a hole cutter option with it also... do depend on the hole cutter I think I'll throw it away
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I bought the workforce at Home Depot

I tiled my kitchen and bathroom using the workforce. It worked fine. For small jobs and home use it is a great value. I had no problems what so ever.
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When it comes time to buy a Tractor you would ask a Farmer,need a chainsaw talk to a logger,
If you need a Tilesaw doesnt it make sense to talk to a Tileguy??
A DIY er that uses an 88 dollar saw and likes it has no experiance with a variety of saws and certainly no experiance with a Professional Tile saw.
Is there a differance??88.00 Saw = the old push reel mower.A Pro Saw like a Felker is like a Cub Cadet with 48" deck and Positraction.There is that much of a differance.
The 88.00 saw is typical of our disposable society.Use it and Lose it.
A quality tool will give you a better job with less hassle and will last.It will also have resale value.
There are several proffessional type saws out there that are affordable for the DIYer especially when you consider the options available in the computer age.Reselling on ebay gives you millions of possible buyers.You can buy a better saw,keep the packaging,use it repack it and sell it for an excellant return(if you have a product people want) The cheapie saw will not get you a return but a Pro Saw will get you an excellant return.
The Felker FTS-150 is a great saw for around 575.00 online with free shiping at several locations.Its a Pro Quality saw similar to the model I use day in and day out and have had for 8 years.35-30,000 s/f of tile per year x 8 is near a quarter million s/f.It is accurate,easy to use,fairly quiet for a workhorse And it will give you an excellant return if you decide to sell it.
For 88.00 I would buy a sidegrinder and a 4" diamond blade.At least the 4" grinder can be used for other things and its about as accurate as the cheaper saws.
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Good point Tileguy. The old adage 'you get what you pay for' seems to apply. Although, I think a lot of home fix up people don't real see the long run benefit of a high priced tool quite like a pro does. Your advice concerning a side grinder and diamond blade makes great sense and the grinder can be used elsewhere as well. I did a bathroom in my home using one and it turned out great plus I was able to cut patio blocks with.
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I think that most people would agree that it is better to use professional tools as much as possible. Purchasing a tilesaw for $575 using it and reselling it will surely result in a net loss of more that $88 +tax not to mention the aggrivation of selling it. The homeowners time is worth something too. And this is not a tax write off for them.

Most home owners are simply not doing so much tiling that they require a professional wet saw.This does not even address the point that most tile jobs[if laid out properly] can be done with a snap type cutter and a rubbing stone[maybe a grinder with a dry cut blade]. Not the best option, but not bad.

A do it yourselfer that uses a $88 tile saw and produces a great looking tile job doesn't need to know what he was missing. He is done. He isn't doing this all day every day. There is nothing stopping him or her from selling the $88 tile saw any way. and he doesn't have to rush the job in order to save another days rental fee either.

I could not imagine setting up the pro wetsaw to make a few cuts on a job when I could just plug in the cheapy. I think that it is at least possible that more pros carry these things around then you would be led to believe.
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