Cutting Rainforest Green marble


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Question Cutting Rainforest Green marble

I bought one box of Rainforest Green Marble is there a trick on cutting this type of Marble? We have a wet saw the $250 model, but I think there is too much vibration would clamping and putting a rubber mat on the wet saw slide work? We are doing a Kitchen backsplash and cutting around outlets. Saw has diamond blade but the Marble cracked where we were trying to cut around outlets. Any help would be apperciated as I have 3 more boxes on order!!
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I moved your post here as it would be better answered. I have done lots of ceramic but none using marble. I would think the same application would apply.

I'm sure you will get yout answers here.
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Cutting Rainforest Green Marble

Thanks Doug,
I wish this was the same as ceramic but Rainforest Green Marble is from India and has alot of viens so one mistake in cutting you will be on the floor a crying!
Its a beautiful stone and pretty exspensive at $100 bucks a square foot so if there is a trick on cutting it I hope someone can help! Otherwise I will have to hock my TV!!
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You could have alot of vibration in your wet saw and in a highly veined marble that is disasterous. Try cutting the marble with a heavy duty rented wet saw and make sure it has a continuous rim blade. Being heavier they are less suseptible to vibration. If the tile still breaks, either make straight cuts and use a filler (granite fabricators can supply you with this) to seam the tile together or find a tile shop that will water jet cut the tile. Water jet cutting is pricey, but for what you paid for the marble, breakage could be more costly. Water jet cutting uses a pressure washer of sorts, but instead of 3500 psi like the guy has that cleans your siding, these run at 55000 psi and use a stream of water that is 1 millimeter in diameter and can hold a tolerance of 1/1000". If the marble is as fragile as you say (and I have not worked with that marble) then an angle grinder probably won't do much better than your weet saw.
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Cutting Rainforest Green Marble

Thank You,
I will try what you have sugested, as I question myself why did I pick this Marble!! But its soooo pretty!! wish me luck!! Tilebri!!
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listen I'm istalling 600 ft of R.G marble on a kitchen floor right now, and I work with a lot of stone. For a novice installer back cutting outlets can be tricky assuming your cutting an outlet from the center of the tile. you might want to try an angle grinder equipped with a quality dry cutting marble or granite blade. I get mine at about 30 bucks for 4 or 5 in. blade. That way you can leave the piece on the table or ground and it won't vibrate as much plus its easier to cut a hole of that size with a smaller blade.
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Cutting Rain Forest Green Marble

Thank You Tilebrii!! My husband went to Home Dump and got the Diamond blade for his Angle Grinder we also bought a thick grey rubber mat which comes on biig roles in the Carpet Department. We used the thick rubber on the Wet Saw slide to keep vibrations down and then we used it for dry applications for cutting the electrical outlets for my Kitchen backsplash the trick is to go slowly and to keep the marble from vibrations. Without your tip's along with others we would have been crying rivers Thank You!!
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I put about 1000 feet of that stuff in a lawyers office a while back and had the same problem,but if you go slow and and don't force it and let the blade do the work it will be just fine.
That stuff is like creama marfil before they put the mesh on the back of it,you look at that stuff wrong and it would break.
Pretty stuff though like she said got me a couple of boxes as a bonus that i'm thinking of cutting into dots and using them in some absolute black granite for my entry way
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