New subfloor surface under ceramic tile???


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Question New subfloor surface under ceramic tile???

I'm remodeling my kitchen and I want to put down new ceramic tiles. I just peeled up the old linoleum floor which left the glue underlayment all over the floor that looks grey like cardboard. I think it's too much hassle to try and scrape all that junk off the floor.

What's my best bet? I was thinking about just screwing/nailing down 1/4" plywood to give a nice fresh surface for the tile glue to stick. I keep reading about "screwing and gluing" plywood down, but I don't think the glue will hold to the current floor for the same reason the tile adhesive probably wouldn't hold.

I've thought of using cement board, but I think it's too heavy. The floor joists are 16oc, but I still don't want to add cement board AND ceramic tiles to the floor of a 100yr old house.

I also thought of renting a drum sander and sanding off all the glue on the existing subfloor?

What should I do????
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You need to determine for sure that the joists and subfloor will support a ceramic installation. 16" o/c is a pretty good start, but we need to know the size, condition, and the maximum span of the floor joists. With these numbers, we can determine if the existing structure will support the weight of the tile. If there's movement known as deflection in the floor under the tile, the installation will definitely fail. Post back with that info and we'll go from there.

I'll move this up to the Tile Forum for you.
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I dont recommend setting tile over plywood and dont waste your time sanding down the glue. Use 1/4" hardibacker cement board, its relatively light compared to typical wonderboard. Use thin set to glue it down, then screw it down, it wont go anywhere, then you'll have a nice flat, clean surface to work on.
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What that grey cardboard stuff is , is the backing from the vinyl.The vinyl should have been laid over a layer of luan or something if done properly and you could pull that layer up and then you would have the original subfloor.
we also need to know what the subfloor is before we can make any kind of reccomendation as to what to do.
there are thinsets that will if the plywood is put down properly ,;et you put tile over plywood and not fail you but there are things you must follow to make sure it does not fail you.
So let us know what the subfloor is made of as well as the spacing and span,and the size of the joists,also the size of the area to be tiled and we should be able to give you a better idea as to which way to go with this
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