"Cement floor" Bathroom.


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"Cement floor" Bathroom.

Can anyone inform me of the proper way to lay a "cement floor" in the bathroom to level it out so l can install a marble floor.Can l do this myself as l am very handy in all aspects of plumbing,carpentry.Have done bathroom work before but never a cement floor.Appricate any advice.Thanks Ron.
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Hi Ron, Happy Holidays! :glocke:

I would say yes this is a project you can handle yourself, may need to recruit a helper or two when it comes to mixing the mud & getting it into the bathroom, but it's not out of the realm of a competent diyer.

If you could please post back some specifics, folks here on the forums can talk you thru turning your bath into a showplace. Is this on an existing slab or new construction, where are you starting from? Are you just tiling the floor, or will there be a shower or tub of some type installed as well? The more info you can give us, the better the replies.
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Since it is just one bathroom, I'll suggest buying some 1x4's, the straightest they have.

Take them home and cut them to fit between the walls cabinets and other things. You may need several lengths depending on the floor plan of the bathroom and the cabinets.

Use these as straight screeds to drag a mud puddle across the floor, after all the high spots are knocked down.

Or you can build a dam at the door and plug the toilet drain and flange(or removing the flange) Then mix pour self leveler out of a trash can, letting it flow and level.
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Same Problem different Twist

Howdy Ron, I am doing the same type of project in my guest bath as well. Unfortunately in my situation the floor is uneven to the tune of 3/4 an inch with the bow running down the center of the bathroom (remind me to hunt and maim the guy that built this place so he can't build anymore.) Anyway my question is similiar, I have poured floor leveler before, however I never have need to worry about cutting holes through it when i was done for toilet,sink and bath. Should I preplumb everything or should I level first then cut out where I want my drainage/plumbing, or should I plumb first then pour the leveler? The floor is so uneven in places that I would hate to plumb everything then level it only to find my plumbing ruined. Any ideas ?

Thanks ahead of time.

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Hi Ron and welcome,before we can give any kind of a coherent answer to this we need to know a few things here.Is this a cement or wood subfloor?Main level or second floor?If wood what is the subfloor comprised of?What are the joists made of ?size, spacing, and span Waht is the subfloor?type of wood and thickness? If cement is it new as dell asked?Are there cracks or control joints in the slab?
Please get back to us and let us know

Adam you would be better served if you started you're own thread so it would be easier to follow and get the answers you need to get,but to answer the question you would be better off get everything cut out and plumbing ran but don't finish off yet leave the pipes long and then pour the leveler and then you can put the flange and whatever else needs to be done.
Before you do that though look at the top of this thread and answer the questions on here before you do anything so we can try to head off any problems beforehand,put them on a different thread so we can keep them all separated

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