Two Questions re: bathtub and caulking vs grout

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Two Questions re: bathtub and caulking vs grout

The caulk was splitting around my bathtub so I'm in the middle of taking it off. I've got a single edged razor and most of it seems to be coming off. BUT I have tumbled tile, full of little grooves, and the razor isn't working. Is there something I can use to get the caulk off the tumbled tile?

Also, I notice at the front of the tub there's a good 1/4 (maybe even almost 1/2) inch between the tub and the start of the tile. Is it ok to caulk that much of a space without grout-ing it?

I'm coming off this bathroom renovation from hell, so many mistakes I'm trying to fix. Any advice would be appreciated!!

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Not really much else you can use to get that off just get it off the bst that you can and re-caulk. What type of caulk did you use?You want to use 1oo% silcone caulk at that joint at the tub.Everyone is ranting and raving about these colored caulks that match the grout but the quality of the caulk is not all that great I.M.O.and it will not dry the same color as the grout,it will dry a different shade.
you should re-grout the tile at the tub on the floor before you try to caulk,i think you already know but the joint right there is a bit big for either.
Sorry to hear it went so bad red i thought after not hearing from you on the forums that everything went o.k.
Too badf alot of this is a learn as you go kind of thing but if it is any consolation to ya i kinda feel like a beginer this week too.Tough week anyway get back to us and let us know what the tile project is gonna be
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A few years ago I had a client that continued to have splitting caulk in the tile to bath tub transition, no matter what caulk we used. Finally, I suggested we fill the tub up and then caulk it. Water wieghs in at around 70#/ft3, it is enough to pull the tub away from the tile. The caulk never split again after this procedure. I strongly suggest you caulk with the tub full of water.
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Good catch and funny you should say that. I was taught to fill the tub went tiling a tub surround, when it was over a wood subfloor. Although, those plastic tubs over concrete can move around when filled.

It rarely happens in new construction jobs, as the plumbing is not hooked up and hauling buckets and buckets of water in, just to fill the tub, never happens. That is the first thing to go, and it is down hill from there

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