ceramic tile over asbetos

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ceramic tile over asbetos

In my kitchen I have exposed 9x9 asbestos tile which I am not going to remove.
In order to prep the floor for ceramic tile, what is the best product to use for filling and leveling areas where the tile has chipped down to the subfloor (where I have removed the baseboards, pulled nails, etc..)?

I would like to use 1/4" cement backerboard so do I absolutely have to use a thinset mortar before screwing the in the backerboard?

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Actually, now is the safest and easiest time to remove the tiles and is what I would suggest. Sight unseen, you cannot determine the quality or condition of the flooring under the vat or the suitability for a tile installation. Any vats that may be loose or not fully bonded could create voids in your sandwich that could and will crteate problems down the road resulting in cracked tiles or grout lines, especially when they start riding up the screw threads as you install backer board. It will create signifaicantly higher disturbance of the asbestos later on if and when the floor starts to fail and needs to be removed and will cost so significantly more I don't even wnat to guess at a price. I'm assuming you have a plank subfloor with a plywood underlayment, which to install backer over a plank subfloor needs at least 1/2" plywood screwed down to the planks ever 6-8" oc before adding backer board. You cannot fasten backer board to slabs. Do you know how thick the plywood is and how it was fastened to the subfloor? Also, all becer boards must be set in a bed of thinset. It does not bond the acker to the floor, it just fills in allthe voids between the subfloor and backer giving it full and uniform support. The screws hold it down, and without the thinset, your backer is completely unsupported between every screw.
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Thanks for the reply.
Correct a plank flooring over the joices. The thickness of the tile is about 1/16th and the plywood is 5/8"?. 3/4" replacement plywood will do the trick I'm sure. Actually I have removed a few sections of the subfloor already due to rot.
I hear what you are saying about the screws pulling up the tile as I noticed a bit of that even while pulling up nails. However the tile is glued down with some sort of black adhesive, maybe even tar.

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