Plumber? Floor help? Combination

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Plumber? Floor help? Combination

We are homeowners trying to do all this home improvement stuff......

Here's where we are.... Bathroom, pulled up vinyl flooring, need to replace top layer of sub floor. Putting in ceramic tile.

Sub floor was 3/4 inch thick. Purchased wood of 1/4 inch and tile backer (Hardi brand) of 1/4 inch thick. Ceramic tile is about a 1/4 inch thick, slightly more. This allows a flat transfer from the hall to the bathroom flooring.


The toilet pipe thing is off the floor is 1 1/4 inch high off the floor. Plus putting the wax ring down....

What do we do?

Thanks - Kim
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I wouldn't worry about geting the two floors flat. You can isntall a saddle at the doorway as a transition. What is your original subfloor once the underlayment layer of 3/4 is removed? Also, take back the 1/4" plywood. The minimum thickness of any layer of ply used in a ceramic install is 3/8" as any thing thinner is subject to delamination of the veneers. Also, when you install cment board, you must set it into a bed of thinset combed with a 1/4x1/4" square nothc trowel held at a 45% angle to the floor. Once you screw it down, the thinset will spread out and compress to about 1/16-3/32", it won't be 1/4" thick. Depending on the tile you use, a 1/4x1/4 square nothc is fine for up to an 8x8 tile, but larger tiles iwll need a larger trowel. For up to 13x13 tile, a 1/4x3/8 trowel works well. Once the tile is set into the thinset, it will compress to around 1/8" under the tile. As for your toilet flange, as long as the bottom of the flange is atleast resting on the top of the tile, you won't have any height issues. For strength, always go thicker on ply and not thicker on cement board All else fails with the flange height, you can have it reset by a plumber or if it's pvc (white plastic) or abs (black plastic), it's a pretty easy diy project, but sub it out if it's cast iron or copper. Also, do not use any premixed products on your project. USe only thinset from a bag. Modifed thinset in the 5-8 dollar range for under your cement board and in the $13-15 range for thinsetting and taping backer joints and setting your tile.

This reply look familiar? I typed it elsewhere, and found your posting here as well.

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