ceramic tile bubbling up and flaking what to do

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ceramic tile bubbling up and flaking what to do

Toilet over flowed and flooded bathroom ( Kids),
Tile on floor is starting to bubble around toilet and bath tub, tile pieces are starting to flake off.

Want to rip up floor but need to know if there is anything that needs to be done to the floor once the tile is ripped up.

Like treat the wood floor for fungus or mold or if there is such a treatment becauase since the flooding, a distinct smell in the bathroom has been present especially after the door has been shut for a while.
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Sounds like water got into a substrate that wasn't meant for ceramic, made it swell and caused tiles to pop. So, first take out the ceramic and it's underlayment, then you can check the subfloor for any required repairs. There really is nothing that's going to get tile back down on a damaged substrate. Pulling the old tile and underlayment and installing new bc exterior plywood over the floor should take you most of tomorrow, maybe you could even get the cement board down too if you either have help or have someone take the kids out for the day. I would suggest for the future that you fill the 1/4" expansion joint areound the walls with sealant, and then tape and thinset the backer seams, and then lay a coat of water proofing membrane over the floor, such as Redguard, or instead of cement board, use Ditra as your underlayment over the second layer of acceptable ply and then seal the seams with kerdi band. Will make a water tight installation. You can even take the Kerdi band up the walls like a flashing and it will work to prevent damage from really bad leaks or toilet overflows in the future. As for the subfloor, once the underlayment is gone, there might not be a problem with smell if it's really only in the underlayment that was used, but there are products at pet stores for eliminating waste oders. Take out the tile and underlayment and post back with your findings. If you have web space or register at a place like www.photobucket.com and can link pictures, it would help a lot.
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Thumbs up Thanks for your help

I will get back with you and let you know what I discover It seems like the previous owner of the house just threw it together just to make it look cosmeticly good so thanks again and may GOD BLESS ...
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Originally Posted by rumple32
It seems like the previous owner of the house just threw it together just to make it look cosmeticly good

I about starved after 9-11, when everyone lost their jobs are started to try and sell their homes!!! They didn't want to do it right, they just wanted something slapped up, that looked good, just long enough for them to sell the house! I refused to cut corners and slap the junk they wanted done. I walked.

Never lost money, on a job I didn't do.

If this is sewage water, you need to bleach and disinfect the underside of the joists and subfloor, too. Sewage residue, can make your house sick.

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