Removing tile, putting up new backerboard...

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Removing tile, putting up new backerboard...

I'm a newbie to the home improvement arena.

We have an existing small 3x3 feet shower stall with tiles on three walls and on the floor. There is no tile on the ceiling.

How difficult of a project would it be to 1) remove all the tiles, 2) move the backerboard (I am assuming that this is what is on the ceiling and growing mold) and 3) install new tile?

Is this a project for a newbie with time and patience but not experience?

Thanks in advance for your help and advice!
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Assuming the base of your shower is in good shape and there is no water damage behind the tiles,
You can just do what you suggested.

What is the base made from?
Are the grout lines in good shape? (if no, expect possible water damage)
Was the shower installed on backerboard or drywall?

I would buy a book on tiling and read through some of the step-by-step procedures on thes board.
The thread about saving my shower has some fantastic pictures.
Hopefully behind your shower is in better shape and you can just put the backerboard up.

Do you have another shower or bath to use while you do this?
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Possible water damage?

One of the reasons I want to take the tile down is because I can't get the grout clean enough (some of it is pretty black). I have a bad feeling about it and can't ignore it for much longer.

Also, because the ceiling of the shower isn't tiled, the paint is coming off of whatever it is that is up there.

Not sure what the base is made from. Hoping that the shower has backerboard behind it and not dry wall (reading a lot of the posts here and I'm PRAYING that it's backerboard).

There is a separate bathtub we can use.

I'll check out your thread. Thanks!
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If I were you I'd expect the worst and be happy if you don't find it! How old is the shower? It is highly likely that the "dirty" grout is caused by a constant wet condition behind it that is breeding mold and mildew. That means taking the shower walls down to the studs and doing it right. Not a big deal if you have time and are a bit handy, and willing to do a little research.

most likely the ceiling is drywall, but that's OK and it's not why your paint is peeling. (CBU is WAY too heavy for a ceiling.) Does the bath have an exhaust fan? I suspect moisture is the cause of the peeling. This would be a great time for adding a fan if none there.

if you haven't guessed by now, this type of project rarely ends with the shower - it easily balloons into a total bath remodel. The key is to be realistic about what needs to be done to correct ALL the problems that have led to the current condition in the bath (how's the sink and toilet???). And it's going to take you a LOT longer than you initially estimate! Make sure you decide on any replacement fixtures before you start and get them ordered if they aren't a stock item at the stores you shop. (ours took 6 weeks to get!)

there is also a shower system you can use for preping the walls and floor that is a lot easier than the mud and backer boards you've been reading about. PM me and I'll send you the link.

and one more thing - it really helps to find a handy friend or two and keep their favorite beer in the frig.


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