Looking for Grouting Advice

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Looking for Grouting Advice

I used to consider myself a pretty good amateur tiler, but with the last couple jobs I've done I've been less than satisfied with the way the grouting part has come along.

I can't seem to get the grout to uniformly fill the space between two tiles anymore. After 20 mintues or so when I should be wiping off the haze I find myself re-applying left-over grout that I had all but thrown away to fill low spots and spots with air holes. It is so frustrating.

I'm not doing anything different tham I used to so...going over the tiles on a diagonal to the grout lines with the rubber float at 45 degrees to the floor. I pass over the tiles in every which direction, back and forth, left to right, this way and that way, and so I must be packing it in pretty good, but I can't seem to get the grout to be level with the top of the tiles.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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Sounds like you might be mixing the grout too loose.

I don't know how much you do at a time, but at some point in the mixing equation,
make that decision to just mix it up a bit more and check it's consistancy
before splashing on that last couple ounces of water.

Also, when you wipe stuff down, use a very rung-out sponge, and rinse/ring it frequently.

Dunno if I said anything you didn't already know.
my $0.02

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