mildew on grout


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I have hard to get out mildew stains on my grout I used a little grout saw to remove some of it. Can you have too much or too little grout? I didn't remove much but should I regrout?
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Regrout it uo to the old level and tool it smooth.
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If you're going to add grout in certain spots, you have to dig out the old grout to a depth of 1/8 inch, and that's supposedly a minimum. Otherwise the grout may fall out of those joints.

Mildew is not all that hard to clean off of grout if you know how. Next time:
a) clean the ceramic tiles normally
b) Get some phosphoric acid based grout cleaner and go over the grout lines with it using a tooth brush. This will dissolve the surface of the grout imperceptibly, and open up the porosity of it so that the bleach can get wicked into it.
c) now go over the grout with bleach right out of the jug using a tooth brush. In stubborn areas, use successive applications of bleach, each 15 minutes or so apart. A second application of acid will only help if the surface of the grout is still clogged up with dirt and soap and such so that the bleach isn't wicking in.
d) now rinse the whole wall down well with plenty of water.
e) use the grout saw on those spots that are still dark.
f) after regrouting those spots, wait 10 days and apply grout sealer over all the grout.
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Wow! That's a lot of work in that last message. I've never had any problems getting my grout as white as new simply using Tilex brand spray cleaner! No toothbrushing was ever necessary. I'm talking about grout that 15 years old and was neglected by prior owners to the point it was nearly black. If you haven't tried Tilex or some similar brand, try that before you go scraping away. If that doesn't work, I'd just regrout the whole thing.
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