tiling over old tile

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tiling over old tile

We're excited to be redoing our bathroom soon.

It currently has old subway type tiles that go up 45" on the walls - they are apparantly laid onto a concrete wall.

The contractor we're hiring thinks that it will be a very time consuming and difficult job (and expensive) to remove the old tile - he wants to put a layer of 3/8 sheetrock over the old tiles and then put the new tile on top of that.

Is this a prudent way to do this?

Can we just put new tile right on top of the old and skip the sheetrock (he thinks it will not hold well)?

An added problem with the tile/sheetrock/new tile method seems to be how to cap the top of the tiles (the tiles go up 45" on the walls.) Currently, there is a crown-molding type piece on the top of the subway tiles. If we add the sheetrock and another layer of tile on top of the old, we're going to have a thickness of over 1 inch to cover. We haven't seen anything in stores that will cover that.

One idea we have is to lay a thin piece of sheetrock over the exposed ends of the old tile and the new sheetrock, and then use a bullnose piece on the top edge of the new tile.

Another idea is to put a piece of wood trim over the old tile/new sheetrock/new tile to cover that top edge.

Are there advantages/disadvantage to either of these methods? Is there a better way to do this?

Finally, a more basic question. As we plan to lay the floor, what is standard as far as which end gets the cut tiles? Would you typically start tiling at the door with full tiles and then cut the last row to fit at the oppostie wall, or would you do it the other way around (so the cut tile was at the door threshold and the rest of the tiles were full to the opposite wall)?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Before we get too far along, what about the tile in the tub/shower surround? How high up does it go, and what is behind it and is it staying or are you putting up new there also?

As far as the floor goes, without seeing the room in question, its hard to say. You may have to decide on what is the focal point and plan around that. Depending on how the tiles lay out, I would try to end up with a full tile at the doorway, but size of the tile and room layout are big factors in deciding on the tile layout.
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The tub/shower surround will be retiled. It goes to the ceiling, and does not have the same problem as the wall tiles.
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I would recomend trying to remove a small section of tile yourself to get an idea how difficult the demo job would be, before i tiled over tile. You can probably also find cheaper labor just to do demo work if your on a budget.

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