Tile over vinyl sticky (2)


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Tile over vinyl sticky (2)

I have been setting tile over vinyl for 7 years.
Everytime someone ask is it ok to put tile over this or that, theres some out there that say no then go on to tell why.So answer me this?
I have been setting tile over vinyl that this glued to concrete and to this day have not had a call back due to the tile or vinyl coming loose, cracking or breaking.

If a vinyl is on a wood floor I put 1/2 inch backer board down and have never had a call back because of this, no I did have one.
The blocks under the house failed to hold the total weight and I removed the flooring and they had vinyl placed on the floor.

Today there is thinset that is different from two years ago, it works.
I pay $12 per bag and it has not let me down yet.
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So you just told every DIYer that it is perfectly ok to set tile over any kind of vinyl with any kind of subfloor condition, and before you say otherwise, go back and read your post, no caveats, no exceptions, no anything. In your mind it is ok to set over cushioned vinyl even though the TCA, NTCA and other trade organizations say not to. If there are cracks in the cement slab under the vinyl it is ok by your standards. Why, do you feel a sheet of vinyl acts as a great isolation membrane, even though none are advertised that way because the manufacturers know they cant make that kind of a claim. If there is luan under the vinyl that can compress under the point load weight of refrigerator wheels in a kitchen, it is ok by your standards. If the vinyl is only perimeter glued and floats everywhere else, that is ok by your standards. If the vinyl is a cheap builders grade that shrinks several inches over time, that movement is ok by your standards. Why do you bother putting the Hardiboard down, if going directly over vinyl on a slab is ok why not everywhere, since Hardi and every other cement board does not provide any additional structural strength, what is the purpose of it?

You seem to relish in taking risks, Ive seen your posts at the other site. You have done things that other reputable installers have counseled you to not do or to walk away from, but you have still forged ahead and then posted pictures that were not well received. But why have an unsuspecting person looking for an straight answer jump off the bridge with you.

Well you keep doing what you want to do and I'll keep advising against putting ceramic over vinyl because the majority of people coming here for advice are novices and myself and others want to give them the best advice that will give their tile the best chance of survival.
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over and under

how many jobs have you done like this and how many failed and how many are still there ? ? ? did you do them right !

Like i said , I'v been doing this over vinyl on slab for many years and there all still there just as the day I set them.

And vinyl on a wood floor, like I said. 1/2 inch backer board with not but one problem in these years.

And yes i still do other work for these same people.

One can read all the books about tile setting they want but experience says it all.

I have been in Floor Covering for over 25 years in one town that has 6 Floor Covering stores and we are the only one that does not have to advertise, we are right now booked through the second week in Feburary. I have thought of hiring help but they just don't add up.
Right now I'm in the middle of doing a Dr.'s new home. The floor Covering alone is $32500.00, I must be doing something right.

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Boy Cuzzx, you just never give up, I guess you should play lotto, seeing the luck you have.
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I've done it both ways....no problems with either type of installs. But if you want to get technical than I need to state that the weekend warrior homeowner should break the floor away to the substrate and prep the floor according to the book. There I got the techinal stuff out of the way, but 1/2 “ backing board secured correctly has yet to let me down. But in 50 years when these floors come up, I will look at both and post what I find. But for the record, I tend to break the floor all the way down before tile installation. Oh yea … sometimes I don’t wear a dust mask when grouting….I know the book says I should, but sometimes I don’t..
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my .02 worth....I,m going to follow the instructions and do it the hard way that generally is the right way. my vinyl is coming up and the 1/4" backer board is coming up, also the staples every 6 inches the 3/4" t&g will be sanded to get the glue off then I will move forward. I have been chiseling and scraping this for 3 days now about 300 sq feet. I was told also to go over the vinyl but did'nt that did not sound right and went with what I have been reading here and at other posts. IMO. thx gk

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