Marble Tile in Basment Bath


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Marble Tile in Basment Bath

Planning the layout now for this and had a couple questions.

1. What is the recommended adheasive? These are 12" tiles, with smooth backs. I do not have any literature on the tiles from the supplier / manufacturer. These will be applied on a Basement concrete floor, very smooth & nearly level. the majority of the tile will be on the floor but a portion will be on the shower surround.

2. Layout. We have two complementary color tiles, the darker tile will be used as a border around the outside edge, then a lighter colored tile will be for the middle of the room. The room size is 7'5" one way and 7'2" the other way. So the basic question is how do you layout to look the best? At the current time I am thinking a 1/4" grout line, but open to changes for astetic purposes.

For the cross-ways dimension (7'5") - Do I plan to cut a smaller piece down the middle in order to have a full tile width around the outside border? Or do I plan to cut the room in halve, laying the middle tile right across a middle baseline? Across the middle would leave a 2" piece on both sides down the full length, which I would plan to cut out of the darker border tile. Again 1/4" grout allowance. Basically do I make the border fit the odd dimensions of the room therefore the middle lighter colored tiles would be full pieces with no cuts.

For the length ways dimension (7"2") - The 1/4" grout line makes it so 7 tiles fit nearly perfectly, thus no real layout questons here.
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Take a close look at the topside tile edges. Aren't they chamfered and polished? If so.....I'm not sure I would be cutting tiles out in the middle of the field unless you are prepared to restore the chamfer to its original condition to match the other tiles that aren't being cut.

Some marbles are very suseptible to moisture and will curl from the moisture in the thinset. You should look into the 'marble-setting' thinset at Home Depot. If the marble is moisture sensitive then it must be set with epoxy adhesive. Have no idea what you have there.

Normally a small 1/6" to 1/8" grout joint is used with polished stone such as this. This, then, allows you to use unsanded grout. Sanded grout would normally be required for joints larger than 1/8" and the grout application can easily marr and scratch the tiles surface.
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Bud, Thanks for the quick reply. Yes looking at the tile closely I can see a very slight / small bevel on each edge. Thus yes all cuts will therefore be on the outside edge of the end tiles. I will look into the thinset situation. I would rather not use epoxy, but I have a resperator approved for such situations if necessary. Thanks for your help. Mike

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