Sealed the Grout now its hazed


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Sealed the Grout now its hazed

Hey guys,
im having a hard time with this...Ive been googling the heck out of it and im not coming up with many solutions or an identification of the problem.

I have porcelain tiles i layed down and grouted about four weeks ago. A few days ago i used StoneTech Bullet Proof sealant to seal the grout. I followed the instructions. The following day the sealant dried but it left a white haze over most of the grout, some spots worse than others. the grout used to match the tile very nicely, and whats happend now is this sealant seems to have lighted the grout with this whitish haze.

i guess my first possible option is to use a acidic stripper and strip the grout lines and re do this all over.

any help would be much appreciated,
Thanks guys,

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Yes, go to home depot or lowes and tell them this. they will recommend an acid based cleanser to clean your floor with and this will remove the haze.
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the more im digging up on this on the internet it looks like i didnt exactly follow the directions... it mentioned after you apply the sealant to wipe it off with a dry towel, i did not. so i suspect that this is a build up of sealant (epoxy?). I suppose the steps to fix this would be to use the stripper ( .

then...looks like i'll have to reseal my floor all over again properly. Im glad its only 120 sq ft of floor.

I hope i dont risk damaging the grout using this stripper, if thats the case i'll leave well enough alone.

am i on the right track here?

Thanks again,
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Don't get anything from a big box for your sealer problem, especially advice. First thing to try is to use some more sealer on a spot, rub it in with a nylon brush and it may just disolve the excess which you could wipe up.

To put it in oversimplified terms, sealers are solids suspended in a base liquid that is solvent to the sealer solids (which is why the solids are not clumped up in the liquid) and helps the solids permiate the pours of the grout. The liquid base dries out leaving the solids behind to fill the pours and prevent stains from being absorbed. The liquid base is often solvent to the sealer which is why you can apply more of the same over the old and the different liquid bases used are why one sealer is not always compatible with an additional layer of a different type of sealer. In most cases, the use of more sealer will reliquify the sealer film left behind from improper application, but it might take some scrubbing. 120 sf, not to bad if it's not mesh mounted mosaics.

If that doesn't work, contact stonetech for their specific sealer stripper to use. It may or may not be Klenzall. High alkaline cleaners are usually more damaging to the sealer whereas acidic cleaners are damaging to the grout.
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BulletProof is a pretty stout sealer. The problem is definitely that the sealer dried on the surface. That's the bad news. The good news is that it isn't irreversible.

Follow tilebri's advice and contact StoneTech for technical assistance. Here's what I believe they'll tell you about BulletProof: If you caught the mistake within a day, you could probably correct the problem with a white nylon pad and sealer. The longer it cures, the harder it is to remove. After two days, you'd probably have to use acetone and after three days you'll probably have to use laquer thinner or even MEK.

Whatever remedy you use, make sure you have proper ventilation. And take heart... it'll work out for you.
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thanks guys, i'll let you know how i make out,
thanks again

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