Redoing grout on ceramic tile

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Redoing grout on ceramic tile

I installed some ceramic tile in my kitchen in the house I'm staying in and fixing up, but did not seal it afterward. It's been a good year since then and the grout has turned a kind of dirty color. Is there a fairly easy way to restore a cleaner color. Bleach hasn't worked, would there be a way to scrape off a layer and put new grout on top of it?
Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks for your time
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that's kinda a tough one. stained grout is near impossible to clean. There are some grout cleaning product on the market but I have found them to not be very effective, I would still try one or 2 first since the alternative is pretty labor intensive and that is to remove the old and regrout. How wide the grout joints are is a huge factor. If you have 1/2 wide sanded grout you might want to try to lay some over the existing grout without removing. 1/8" unsanded is actually fairly easy to remove. I avoid the rasp type scrapers and use one of those carbide tipped tools like you use to score and crack cement backerboard. If you do find you have to remove the old grout remember you don't have to get it all out. Just enough so you can cover the existing enough so you wont wipe it all off when you go to sponge it.
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There are grout colorants available that seal and color grout.
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If you redo the grout, you need to remove the grout to 2/3 the thickness of the tile, but not less than 1/8". Don't even bother to try to spread more grout over old, it won't stay there at all.

Other option would be a grout colorant.
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spektur, doing something the correct way is never the easy way. I had the same problem, but not with the grout getting dirty, but oils from potatoes chips that my sweet mother would eat and drop as she went.

I've been in the flooring business for many years and the only product that I felt worked the best was a grout release, can't recall the brand, but you will need to get on your hands and knee and scrub with this cleaner. It is worth the time and effort. Now to keep your grout clean after you seal it. Grout gets dirty because most people keep using the same water that gets dirty and puts it back in to the floor. You need to keep a clean bucket of water at all times. No sealer is stainproof.

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