Help! - Does grout add strength?!


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Help! - Does grout add strength?!

I need a dose of reality...

I layed ceramic tile today. Cement slab, 12" tile, mortar mixer, 1/4" notch trowel, 1/4" spacers, "worked" each tile in.

After about 6hrs. I was done for the night. I walked around to another entrance to the area I had finished and kneeled down reached over and tapped some of the tiles with my knuckles and low and behold there were a couple that kind of "vibrated" like they were not bonding. I am afraid to walk on it to check any others.

My question is......

Does grout add any kind of strength and adhesion properties to the tiles to each other and/or to the floor or is it just cosmetic?

I sure hope so or I'm Sc#[email protected]!

Any input is appreciated. FF
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i am no pro, but i dont think grout will fix the not so well bonded tiles. i would guess loose tile may cause grout to crumble as tile moves... i'd consider breaking the loose tiles out and resetting with the extras i hope you have.
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6 hours later is too soon to be on those tile. 24 hours unless you used a rapid set. Check those tiles you knelt on, you might have caused bonding problems to those specific tiles. Knock on them today with a broom handle, do they sound solid or hollow? Hollow is a problem.

Your trowel was a bit undersized, I would have use 1/4x3/8. As long as you kept checking your coverage, 85-90%, it's ok.

You didn't use a premixed thinset, did you?

Grout will not keep poorly set tile in place very long. The tile's movement will quickly crack the grout.
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6 hours is not enough time for the hollow sound to go away either, it will take 24 to 48 hours if you used a modified thinset.
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Checked them all this evening with hammer handle...sound solid as a rock except for about 5 of them which I pried up and remortared.

Used standard mortar not quick-set.

Seems quite a few of these tiles arent very flat.... about 1/8 to 1/4 rock on some of them. The edges don't seem very straight on a lot of them as well.

Not sure if its cause I paid .98 cents each and they were made on the opposite side of the planet.

Might be another lesson learned for me... you get what you pay for.

Thanks to all for the advice.

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