tiling shower


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tiling shower

I am installing a new shower with a vinyl pan. The shower has a seat which has vinyl on it also. My question is do I put durarock on the top and front of the seat to prepare for the tile? If not how do I prepare the seat for tiling?
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Aren't you in a waterproofing pickle. If you fasten backer to the top and front, you puncture the liner and it's no longer waterproof.

So, your two choices are 1) a trowel on waterproofing membrane over the backer or 2) remove the bench framing, construct a regular pan (no bench) and then construct a masonry bench on the mud bed which would be contained entirely within the vapor barrier/ backer walls and the liner.

Some shower project history please...

Is your liner flat on the subfloor or did you make a mud presloped bed under the liner, pitched at 1/4" per foot? What did you use to construct the curb; brick, pt lumber or kiln dried lumber, and how's the liner fastened around it? What's behind the backer on the walls, roofing felt or poly overlapping the liner?
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From your description I'm assuming you have a seat framed with framing lumber. What you have done wont work. The pan liner cannot go over the seat. What you need to do is treat the verticle part of the seat as a wall. Remove the liner from the seat. Remove the plywood and or cement board (If thats whats there now) down to the studs. Now treat the seat as a wall, that is put blocking between the studs and then attach the liner to the studs at the same height as the other walls. Put two layers of 3/4" plywood on the top of the seat. Put 1/2" durock on the front of the seat. Don't put any screws any lower than three inches above the top of the curb. Your final mud bed will hold the bottom of the durock in place. Put 1/4" durock on the top of the seat. Use an unmodified thinset between the plywood and durock on the top of the seat. Secure it with lotsa screws. Tape and thinset (with modified) all joints where the seat meets the walls. Use a paint on membrane like Redgard to cover the entire seat and extend onto the walls about six inches all around. Use at least two thick coats. This will make the seat waterproof. You tile right over the Redgard.

I not particularly fond of framed seats in showers. I much prefer monument seats built inside the pan. But thats a whole other story.

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