When floor Retileing, replace the cement board or reuse?


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When floor Retileing, replace the cement board or reuse?

I want to retile the bathroom. I have removed the existing ceramic tile to find backerboard beneath and want to retile the bath again with porcelin tile, would you replace the cement board or scrape the loose old adhesive off?

And do I need to use a bonder if I go over the old backer and stuck adhesive materail (mastic I think, it's white)

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I know this post is old, but I didn't see a reply and I have the very same question!!!

I was able to remove the old tiles with little issue, and would like to know if I can re-use the cement board?

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If the cement board underlayment is in good shape, and it worked for you before, there is no reason to expect that your cement board underlayment is not useful now.

If it is damaged, you can repair it. If it is damaged beyond repair, then replace it.

Just start woth a clean surface before tiling.

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