Kiln installation


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Kiln installation

I'm installing a pottery kiln in my basement and want to line the drywall and wood stud walls with some protection. I was thinking, concrete board (used for shower/tile installation) and then cover that with a ceramic tile. The walls are close to the kiln, about 10" away. Would this work?...any other thoughts?

thanks in advance.
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Sounds like a good heat barrier to me.

If you use a reflective tile it mat help also.
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What you use will be determined by how hot the exterior of the kiln gets.
Does the mfr have any distance recomendations?

The best heat deflector is a piece of tin spaced an inch or so off the wall and a few inches off the floor.
This type of shield is often used on wood burning equipment.
A solid barrier pressed against the wall will just transfer the heat to the wall.
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Two things to do, First get the manufacturers recommendations and secondly, check with your local code enforcement (building inspector or fire dept). If the code says a greater distance is needed then go with that one.
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Many materials partially volatize (turn to vapor and become airborne) when heated in the kiln. These poisonous gases may include (depending on the materials being fired) antimony, boron, cadmium, lead, selenium, zinc, and precious metals. Once airborne you can breath them. Furthermore, they condense on all surfaces they contact. Kilns need to be vented and exhausted to the outdoors. Most vent systems are not good enough to be totally effective. Therefore, I would not locate a kiln in my home or basement of my home. I would locate kilns in outside shelters or in out buildings that are not inhabited.

Home duct systems and spaces under doors allow basement air to come into the whole house. If you sleep or work in the same building during the firing you will inhale the toxins from the air. It is possible for toxic heavy metal vapors to condense over time on all the walls, floors, and other surfaces of a home that has a kiln repeatedly fired in the basement. Young children invariably rub their hands on these surfaces and become poisoned when they put their fingers in their mouths. Serious health problems can be caused by just living in a house that has had a kiln firing in the basement.

Nobody wants to be knowingly responsible for the retardation of a child's mental development. Locating a kiln in a home basement could damage the brain of a future child whose parents are not aware that there ever was a kiln in this home."

Consult local building codes! If basement kilns are allowed, codes dictate clearance, room size, venting, ventilation, flooring material, sheet metal, sprinkler system, electrical, etc.
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kiln installation

thanks everyone for the excellent advice!
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Ceramic artist friend has both her kilns outside.
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Pottery brother has his in a carport, outside with lots of ventilation. Now I know why.

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