Tuscan Leveling System


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Tuscan Leveling System

Tile installers as well as serious DIY'ers should take a look at The Tuscan Leveling System, it has been released to a major player in the industry for distribution. I don't know if it has been announced as yet but it will go on sale soon.

In addition, a website for professional installers is going to give away two "Tuscan Leveling System Kits" The kits will include a supply of tabs, caps, and a gun.

You must be a registered member of the site BEFORE you can qualify to participate in the give away.

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I have heard a lot of noise about this system. Are you using it? I understand its concept but a couple of things about it has me puzzled. If I understand this correctly, the concept is that the tabs and caps pull the tiles perfectly flat to one another. Does this not create voids under the tile thats being raised or is this not enough to worry about? Is starting with a flat substrate less of an issue with the TLS? I wouldnt think so but just trying to understand. Does the cost of this system save you enough time to warrant the cost of the gun and consumables? As someone who would only use this a couple times a year how easy is it to quickly get your hand on the tabs and caps needed for each job?

I spend most of my time in bathrooms these days but on the occassional larger floors, can see where this would be a time saver and probably do a better job of keeping all the tile on plane than the human eye and hand. I guess I need a better understanding of the system.
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I certainly have used it and found it to be a lifesaver and a time-saver. I love the system. Your substrate as always needs to be acceptable according to TCNA guidelines.

I understand the prices may be coming down some as new methods of manufacturing the parts are placed into the picture. There are now two guns available, one of lessor cost (and quality).

I have never seen where there have been any voids under the tiles but that question is asked frequently. The fact is...the tile/slab isn't being lifted that much. Think about it. When the units aren't perfectly matched they are never far off by much, only fractions. Unfortunately the only way to correct the lippage is to pry on the lower slab/tile. This always causes disruption in the placement of the already in place units. With the Tuscan System this isn't the case.
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Thumbs up

WOW, and so simple. One of those ideas we all wish we would have thought of, HUH?

Just think, a USA President once said when discussing ways to keep Gov. costs down, LET'S CLOSE THE PATENT OFFICE, EVERYTHING HAS BEEN INVENTED.

A tad pricy for a small guy like me, but great product.

Dale in Indy
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The TLS is an investment that even a small installer should do.
The quality and profit and speed are totally worth it!

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Great sales pitch.
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