Installing tile everywhere, but where do I start?


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Installing tile everywhere, but where do I start?

First, I am new, I tried the search but didn't find anything, so I deeply apologize if this is something easily found.

My wife and I are finally getting around to the work I've been putting off for so long, and we are starting with the floors. I would like to put ceramic or porcelain tile everywhere (I'm ripping out the carpet this weekend, and we'll deal with the concrete slab until I get the flooring done). I'm not the "handy" type, but good instructions mixed with a little OCD usually end with 'better-than-a-first-timer" results. I would ideally like to do one room/hallway at a time given the time to install and cure, the cost, and the fact that I have a lot of crap - I mean, stuff - that I would need to move from each room.

I've done quite a bit of research, and every tutorial or instruction set I've seen says to start in the exact center of the room. I do understand why, but if I am doing the whole house, how do I deal with room transitions/doorways? Should I start in the center of one room, then just follow that pattern for the entire house? Will cut tiles in a door way look as bad as I think they will?

Any advice y'all can give will be appreciated. I've never done a floor, and I'm a little nervous, but I'm also looking forward to doing it.
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Welcome to the forums

I like to do a dry layout first to see how everything looks - whole lot easier to tweak that way until you find the layout most pleasing to your eye
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Hi Jim,

You said;....
I've done quite a bit of research, and every tutorial or instruction set I've seen says to start in the exact center of the room.
Where did you read that? Definitely NOT correct!

Every job is different and so without a scale drawing of your house it's impossible to go much further. You have to consider which are the main areas so those main wall cuts look the best and how the tiles may flow thru the hallways and into the rooms. You also have to consider where you'll start which will depend on the layout of the rooms so you can get in and out. Many variables.

Before you start setting tiles, you'll have other things to consider. Condition of the slab, any cracks, will you use an uncoupling membrane, how flat is the floor, type and size of tiles, which adhesive, tools.....etc.

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The "start in the center of the room" has long been the direction on DIY shows and DIY tile books. I believe it is an OK method except - it is just a starting point for the layout, not the starting point for the final install.

You can find the center of the room and then do a dry layout using the center as a starting point. That will give you an idea about how to adjust the layout so that you don't end up with odd size (very narrow) tiles at the edges. IMO it's just as easy to dry lay a row of the tiles in both directions and adjust that for the best layout. It takes a lot less time than measuring to find the room center.

If you go the dry layout route, don't forget to factor in the grout spacing.
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I'm in the same general situation except we are building a new house in the next 5 months and I'm looking at doing some of the tile work myself in the shower/bathroom/kitchen backsplash.

Are there anythings you have to really watch out for/
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It would be best if you started your own thread.

Each tile installation has its own set of challenges. Do you have specific questions or concerns?

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