Asbestos tile?


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Asbestos tile?

Hello everyone,

I am freaked out and I hope that I can get some helpful feedback.
I purchased an old house (built in 58) and afterwards discovered in the blueprint that the house originally had asbestos tiles!

The previous owner had removed the original tiles (found out from a neighbor) and glued down new tiles over the summer. I purchased the house in mid October. I am not sure if he broke up the tiles or how he removed them, but I am hoping that my family and I are safe from the asbestos that might have become airborne. Some people suggest that the asbestos would have been picked up by the air filter and that it would have been wiped away when we wiped the floors...

While I am on the topic of asbestos, the house also had loose insulation in the attic. I blew in some additional insulation (I was wearing a mask). The guy who inspected the house said that the insulation did not have asbestos (didn't test it just spoke from experience). He said that asbestos insulation was rare in Texas, specifically Houston...

If you have a similar experience please let me know what I should do and if I need to be freaked out.

Thank you in advance!
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The only way to know for sure is to have an air test done. Most companies that test for mold and such can also test for asbestos. Couple of hundred dollars I imagine.

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