Grout color changes when wet?


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Grout color changes when wet?

Ok, here's what I expected to happen: My upstairs shower has brilliant white grout that has been there since the 1970s. The grout color does not change when it is wet.

So, when I re-grouted my downstairs shower I expected the same result. The dried grout is brilliant white when dry. Lowes recommended their "Keracolor U which is a preimnum grade, preblended polymer-modified unshanded Portland cement tile grout that only requires water when mixed."

As I cleaned up after the new grout had set, I noticed the new grout would turn grayish when wet, and then back to white when dry.

I figured it needed to be sealed, but after 3 coats of the Homax Penetrating Grout Sealer the problem remains.

I dripped some water on the grout and it doesn't seems to absorb it, hopefully the sealer is doing its job.

But the white-to-gray metamorphosis is NOT what I wanted.


North Carolina

, but turns grayish when wet. "No problem" I thought, after I seal the grout it will be ok.
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Sealer does not make the grout waterproof. It's purpose is to keep the grout from staining easily. Sealer will slow down the penetration of water but will not stop it. In general, grout will darken as it gets wet and lighten back up when it dries out.

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