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We have a ceramic tile shower that was installed on 1/2" gypsum drywall. The base is ceramic tile with a concrete base. After using the shower several times we start to notice moisture under it in the crawl space. It's obviously leaking somewhere but we don't know where. Could it be migrating through the grout and saturating the drywall? If this was the case, wouldn't the tile be popping off. Can water be migrating through the tile? Can it be coming through the floor somehow? We've tried re-grouting but no still have the problem. Are there any solutions? Are there any kinds of sealer that can be used?
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Hey Ripley,
I'm sorry to say but, you without a doubt have a problem somewhere. Finding out where it is will take a little investigation. Your shower pan material may have a hole in it. (I hope not) This is a hard one to determine unless you can actually see the hole. Generally speaking if the tile low on the wall is soft to the touch and moves easily the drywall behind it is done! and this could be the problem Check it out and see if these tiles are still solid. Contrary to popular myth tile, grout and most cement products are not waterproof, water will go right through them.(Thats why there is supposed to be some sort of pan under the shower floor, could be metal or plastic membrane, to catch this moisture and channel it to the weep holes in the drain)The deal with cement products is they are stable wet or dry (Unlike drywall, which many folks still use in showers, tubs, and other "wet areas" and it just does not stand the test of time at all!)
Ok don't count out that you have sprung a leak in your plumbing, I have seen many a shower diverter leak where the shower head arm screws into the adapter, (Inside the wall) run down the pipes and create a drip 10 feet from the source of the leak (in other words where the water is is not necessarily where the problem is) check all your pipes for leaks or water running down them.(Usually this is easier done by a professional plumber he has pressure guages and knows what to cap off in order to test properly)
If the tile and drywall near the bottom of the walls is solid, and the diverter and plumbing check out ok,(don't forget to cap off the shower head and turn the shower ON!!) then the problem may lie in the panning material in the shower floor itself. Leaks here are extremely hard to find and fixing them from underneath is rarer still. You must look everywhere high and low to find the source of your leak! Let us know how you make out!!

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And while you are looking for other leaks, you might want to test the shower pan.



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