Sealing a tiled shower, before AND after grouting?

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Sealing a tiled shower, before AND after grouting?

When I was buying me sealer the other day the sales person said to seal the shower twice. I'm using travertine, and he said to seal it before I grout but to make sure not to get it n the grout lines as the grout won't stick. This way some of the haze from grouting won;t prevent the sealer to fully penetrate and you get a good application prior to grouting. which I can see makes sense to a degree.
Can you seal twice or does the first coat pretty much prevent the 2nd application to impregnate. and 2, it seems somewhat painstaking with the first coat to make sure it doesn't get in the grout lines but I'll do it if its truly the best way.
ANd how about grout that doesn't need to be sealed, is it really that good, or could you seal it anyway for extra protection. I just bought sanded grout as I haVE 1/8" spacing.

Ideas thoughts are welcome.
thanks in advance.
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If you wipe sufficiently with lots of clean water as you go, grout haze should not be a factor. I have only ever had problem with grout haze once and I think it had more to do with the finish of the tile (matte) than anything else (those tiles have since been discontinued). Unless someone else chimes in, I would only seal once at the end of the job. If the tiles need to be sealed as well, it can be done at the same time as the grout.
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I can't imagine travertine not needing to be sealed but I'm with czizzi, I'd just seal it all once at the end.
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I'd seal it before and after..with the right sealer. Most sealers say to use light coats rather than 1 heavy one, this should prevent sealing the grout lines. The sealer will also make it easier to grout and prevent staining of the travertine from the grout, especially if your using a color different than the travertine.

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