changing tile color?

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I've purchased a great house with the most unfortunate color(kind of a pinkish beige) tile in one of the bathrooms. I don't want to retile. Is there a way to change the color of the tile, i.e. a painting process, or is is possible to just cover it up with panel or dry wall?
Budget and ease are real considerations as I am a beginner on a shoestring.
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painting tile

I don't know how well it holds up but I saw Christopher Lowell paint ceramic tile on his show once. If memory serves, he used Kilz to prime the tile and then painted it with regular wall paint.....don't take my word for it though.....he has a website with instructions for projects like that. It might be worth checking out. Don't know the exact link but you can find it on under "Daytime TV."
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Iíve seen this question posted here before, so I thought Iíd add my two cents worth. About a year ago, I painted my kitchen tile and it looks great, and is holding up quite well. This is how I did itó

1. Clean the tile-- any household cleaner will do.

2. Etch it with glass etching cream. This step works best with two people. The first person applies the cream and the second wipes it off and rinses with a baking soda and water solution.

3. Prime it with Coronado Polyamide Epoxy Clear Sealer/Finish (see ). I have also been told that the primer was unnecessary, but it worked for me so I recommend it.

4. Spray with Coronado Superthane Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane using an HVLP sprayer (see ). Coronado says that you can brush or roll it on, but I canít imagine it looking as good.

The only problem with painted tile is that the grout is the same color, and makes the tile very boring. My solution was to apply rub-on transfer to the top course of tile on the backsplash. It gave a very custom look, and when combined with the high-gloss finish of the superthane paint the results were outstanding!

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