Built-In Shower Questions


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Built-In Shower Questions

I have acquired a built-in shower which I'm thinking might need some work.
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Lovely, isn't it?

I am handy with a hammer and a screw driver. I've done engine repair, I've done landscaping, I've built decks, I've done a lot of fine woodworking. I have never done showers or tiling.

The floor has a crack. In the following picture, you can see much of the crack. The crack is narrow enough that I cannot effectively get caulk into it. Is there an effective way I can repair the crack, or does the shower floor need to be replaced?

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And then there's this. I'm no expert, but I think the wall tiles are problematic.

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The shower drips into the kitchen (right below the shower, duh), and after the shower is taken care of, I'm going to have some ceiling repair to do in the kitchen. The drip is pretty impressive. Despite the wall tile having slid out of place, I suspect there's a drip behind the wall.

So (with some repetition):
  • Can the floor crack be repaired, or does the floor need to be replaced?
  • If the floor can be repaired, how?
  • If the floor needs to be replaced, does that mean I get out my sledge hammer and get down to the joists?
  • What level of expertise is needed for a job like this? Can a guy who can learn and is handy with his hands do this? Or would I be ill-advised to take this on myself?

This forum has been very helpful to me before. I have high hopes for good guidance.

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Certainly looks like you have a remodel in your near future. Obviously things were done incorrectly and trying to band aid an incorrect install will only lead to more costly repairs down the road. I would cease using the shower until repairs can be made.

Here is a peak at what will be involved to rebuild the shower pan - How to build a shower - Building a shower pan with pre-sloped mortar bed, liner and curb.

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I would start mentally preparing for totally re-doing the shower. It's not an insurmountable project especially if you have another bathroom to use while this one is being remodeled.
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This shower needs to be completely redone. You should not take this job on yourself, at least not the shower pan.
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mutagenic. This is a DIY forum. Why would you not advise the OP to take this project on himself? There are enough professionals on board to help him do a great job. Shower pan can be done easily if proper instructions are followed. How to build a shower - Building a shower pan with pre-sloped mortar bed, liner and curb.

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