Cutting 13" Floor Tiles

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The floor tiles I have are 13" square and trying to cut them because of their size means we are breaking too many. Can you suggest any tips or tools to help. The tiles are exceptionally hard.
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A tile saw is the only way to go...take it slow so the saw can cut without working and you should not break many...go real slow as you get to the end of the tile...Good Luck..
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If you have a good tile cutter, you shouldn't have any problems. If you are trying to cut a small piece off, then score it and break off the piece with some tile nippers. If you need a 1 inch piece, then cut a 2 inch piece first, and then cut it in's always easier to cut any size piece in half.
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I have run into some tiles that won't cut on a tile cutter. If this is the case, the tiles need to be sawn.

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Hi All,
I agree with John there are some ceramics that are very hard to cut on a cutter and need to be sawn, especially many porcelain goods.

Rich Gately (Tileman1)

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Tile cutting

Home Depot will cut tiles for you on a wet tile saw. Most stores have them, either in the tile area, or in the tool rental area. Pricing varies, as one store gave us two cuts free, then $1.00 per cut after that, yet they considered two cuts for a notch out of a tile to be one cut! At another store, our last three tiles we needed cut the guy just gave 'em to us, no charge.
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I've had very good (though limited) luck with a masonry cutting blade in a circular saw that I didn't care much about. VERY dusty. Wear safety glasses. Other than that, I just clamped the tile in my Workmate, finished side up, and cut it like lumber. Much faster than the "tile cutting" jig saw blades. For complicated shapes I make lots of cuts to the line, then tap each sliver with a tile scrap to break them out, then go pack around with the circular saw blade across the broken edge to get a smooth line.
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Use a Diamond Circular Saw blade. Which can be use in a Skilaw, Saw bench or drawsaw.

Depending on the saw, and that size of your job, they are in the range of $20-$500.


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