Baby oil and grout - bad combination?


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Baby oil and grout - bad combination?

My wife had us spend way more than we should for a bathroom redo by others. I keep half joking that I like to keep it simple - i'd be happy with a fiberglass pan / walls from home depot. But one example is the tiles - all fancy with accent pieces, borders, etc.

She uses baby oil just before getting out of the shower. Previously we had that 1 piece shower pan. Now tile with grout. THere's darker areas on the grout a day after she took a shower.

We're betting that's baby oil 'stains'? What's conventional wisdom about baby oil in showers?

It will darken the grout?
Will it cause degredation of the grout?

She talks of putting the baby oil on while outside the shower (on a towel over the tiled / grouted floor). I told her I think she'd inevitably get the oil on the grout out there at some point.

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Did you seal it and if so what type of sealer did you use?

Here is a guide to the different types of sealers and their strengths and weaknesses:

Tile and Stone Sealers (Part 1)
Tile and Stone Sealers (Part 2)
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We used some type of sealer you mix with the grout instead of water. Or at least we bought it and gave to installer. From what I've read, a sealer is not an impenetrable barrier? Or am I mistaken?
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I'm back! I posted this a few months ago and we still have dark grout lines in some places - we'll go away for the weekend and some lines are still dark (so I don't think it's moisture - it would have evaporated).

Talking to somoene at Home Depot, they said baby oil won't hurt / soak into grout.

They showed me their best sealer which talked of a 20 year satisfaction guarantee. Is that real? Yeah, I know, companies make wild claims and then get out of following through on claims with some loophole. But would a sealer last anywhere near a couple / few years?

Before we seal, we want to get all the grout the same color, right?

Would that darkness be caused by baby oil? We used oxyclean at some point and that seemed to whiten all the grout, but the dark returned. Did the oxyclean make those areas more seceptible to dirt? Or the oil came back up to the surface?

We had given the installer miracle grout seal to mix with the grout when installing. Can't really tell if they used it or not.

Grout Additive : Miracle Grout Shield New & Improved

any thoughts? Someone told my wife to use 'Mapei's Deep Stain Remover for Stone' to clean it. I have to get some if you think it's woirth it.

thanks!Name:  0 floor after 4 days no use another view.jpg
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Looks like mold to me.
Wipe it with some bleach and water 50/50 and see if it goes away.
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Dark areas on 4 month old grout. Advice please!

Sorry, I could have sworn I posted this issue a while ago but can't find the post. Someone thought it was mold and I used 50/50 bleach & water with no effect.

We had our master bath redone back in april - June. we wound up firing the contractor / tile guy for loads of issues. We supplied the tile, grout (Mapei Keracolor S biscuit color) and Miracle Sealants grout shield (the tile store pitched it as a sealer that gets mixed into the grout during install).

Not sure if the tile guy even used that sealer. He said he did...

Anyway, the shower floor was a consistent light color and looked good initially. My wife wiped herself down with baby oil after a couple showers. Then she noticed some grout lines were dark. We thought that was from the oil.

She cleaned areas of the grout with oxyclean and I think the lines were a more consistent light color.

Now over the last couple months, we have these dark areas in the grout.

I contacted Mapei and they suggested their UltraCare™ Heavy-Duty Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaner. I got that and mixed it at its strongest strength (1 part to 2 parts water... they talk about light cleaning at 1 part to 8 parts water so I was using strong stuff?).

I applied it 2x. the bottle says to let it sit 5 - 10 minutes, scrub, etc. I had it on there for 10 minutes then a couple days later for 20 minutes. the pictures below are after those 2 cleanings - no real change in the dark areas.

Right after a shower, the grout IS a consistent 'wet' / darker color (if they used the mixed in grout shield should the grout darken from water at all?!) but then over hours, most of the grout lightens as the water evaporates and the dark areas stay dark.

I tried scraping the dark areas with a screwdriver edge with no effect (it's not something on top of the grout, it appears to be dark grout now).

Any advice on what to do now? we are very frustrated!Name:  dark along top of horizontal line.jpg
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Follow up! I used the 50/50 bleach and no improvement.

I couldn't find this thread and started a new one on this issue.

Any advice?!
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I merged the two threads.

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