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If it is the floor that is unstable, how can that be fixed? Could that be fixed from underneath? Or does the tile have to come out, and fixed from the top? Can tiles be taken out without being broken?
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You mentioned fixed from underneath, is the floor exposed in a basement or crawl space? Is it an older house? Chances are, you cannot fix a warped floor without replacing it. I've used floor leveling compounds for this purpose. However, it sound like a localized problem to one or a few tiles.

If a tile is coming up or the grout is cracked, carefully chip the grout away with a samll chisel or screwdriver, being very careful of the surronding tile. You do not want to chip the glaze of the tiles, as that is where their strength is. Once the grout is out, gently tap at the base of the tile on all four sides to loosen the tile. You should be able to pry the tile up after doing so. Then, chisel out any of the old adhesive and check the condition of the floor below, could be a nail, screw, whatever. Determine what is needed to fix the floor. Reapply some thinset adhesive - hopefully you can find a small bag - and replace the tile. Wait a day for it to dry/cure. Then regrout the area - keep in mind the color you replace may not match perfectly, and should be a shade lighter unless you've recently had your grout power cleaned. Wait another 72 hours and seal the gout line - and probably the rest of the grout for good measure. Voila you're finished.

Sort of a pain, I know, but it will pay off in the long term.

Good Luck,
Lil Boy Blu

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