Correct subfloor for new ceramic tile..


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Correct subfloor for new ceramic tile..

hi everyone, i looked around and did not see any posts that sort of matched the sub floor im dealing with so i decided to make my first post and get some advice.. here goes- I am remodeling my kitchen, currently have the existing linoleum and 1/4 sheets of wood taken out. in my house i have 3/4 pine planks of different lengths running across and nailed down to the floor joists (2x10- spaced 16" on center) i was thinking of re-securing the planks all around with sub floor screws, then glue and screw down 1/2 plywood to all that, then either put down 1/4 cement board or ditra before tile. does this sound like an ok sub floor i don't want cracked tiles. any info will be greatly appreciated. Pete
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I'm sure the next question will be how far do the 2x10's span? Meaning how far do they span from one load bearing wall (or beam) to the next?
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They span 11' from foundation wall to I beam on the opposite end.
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Here is a span calculator - Maximum Span Calculator for Wood Joists and Rafters

Deflection should be no more than L/360

I default to 3/4" Advantech for any floor tile installation. Remember, you have deflection that is along the span and also deflection that occurs between the joists themselves so you want to cover both. Also, you don't glue down the Advantech, you lay so that you screw it into the subfloor and intentionally miss the joists. This allows the two layers of subfloor to move independent of the joist systems and they don't fight each other. The 1/4" cement board is set into a mortar bed and screwed down. Seams are mesh taped and thinset applied similar to taping drywall. Your prep is key in a tile installation. Use thinset from a powder and not a ready mixed one.
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IMPORTANT as Czizzi said, DO NOT glue down the Advantech. The subfloor layers need to be able to contract and expand independently of each other.

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