can i apply the ceramic tile right over the vinyl tile?

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My current kitchen has vinyl tile, can i install the ceramic tile right over the vinyl tile or do i have to take that out first? My second question is where is the cheapest place i can buy ceramic tile, home depot has some nice ceramic tile i like but was wondering if there was maybe somewhere i can purchse it for less?
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RE: Ceramic over vinyl

Generally speaking, it is not advisable to put ceramic tile over vinyl flooring, however it can be done. Vinyl flooring is generally too glossy for the thinset adhesive to stick to. Additionally, some vinyl flooring has give to it, a kind of cushioning, or flex. This isn't good for tile because tile must have a surface with as little flex as possible or the tile or grout could break or crack.If possible, you should pull up the flooring. Below are other options.

Here are two alternatives if pulling the floor up is not an option for you. If the floor is solid (no flex), you can sand and prime the floor to remove the gloss finish and use a latex based thinset adhesive. Be sure to read the packaging and see whether vinyl flooring is listed on the types of applications, then tile away.

The next option is the best option over vinyl, however, it may raise your floor anywhere from 1/2" to 3/4" depending on the tile you choose. Cement board (commercially known as Wonderboard - available at Home Depot) is the best foundation for almost any tile. It looks similar to sheet rock, and comes in 1/4" or 1/2" thick versions. 1/4" is probably fine for your project. You can easily cut this board with a utility knife by scoring the mesh side and snapping the board along your score line. Fasten this board to the floor using screws for such purposes (usually the screws are stocked near this board). It's recommended that you tape the joints with joint compound, but this really isn't necessary (I don't do it and have had no repercussions). Then simply tile away to your heart's content.

Finally, Home Depot has a nice selection of standard tile and a limited selection of decorative tile for very good prices. For more variety though, check tile discounters (in many cities there are stores called Tile For Less with a great selection). Make sure you get ceramic tile for floors, not porcelain. As long as the back of the tile isn't white, you should be OK. Ceramic tile is uaually only good for walls and some countertops (although I still recommend ceramic for countertops).

A lot of info, I know, but you asked!

Lil Boy Blu

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